An act of terror against the men and women of law enforcement

An act of terror against the men and women of law enforcement

The Daily Signal
July 8, 2016
It’s a grim Friday on Capitol Hill as details emerge about the police officers shot down in Dallas while providing security for a protest of police-involved shootings. Scott Erickson, head of a pro-police group, has initial thoughts. The new jobs report is out, and labor economist James Sherk says we shouldn’t read too much into it. It’s time for the TSA to clean house, the chairman of a House oversight panel writes. If you get a chance, thank a cop this weekend.

An act of terror against the men and women of law enforcement. Sadly, although nearly beyond comprehension, it cannot be claimed that the violence perpetrated against law enforcement on Thursday night was unexpected. Our nation as a whole has allowed inflammatory anti-police rhetoric, often unchecked and devoid of context, to stoke the flames of anger, resentment, and discontent, writes Scott Erickson, president of Americans in Support of Law Enforcement.
The noise behind the new jobs report. The new jobs report shows employers cranked up hiring in June, creating 287,000 net new jobs. But the last jobs report, for May, showed the economy slowing to a crawl, with employers adding only 11,000 net new jobs in the month. What explains these large gyrations? Probably statistical noise. Americans shouldn’t read too much into May’s discouraging job numbers or June’s hopeful ones, writes The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk.
Thank TSA mismanagement for airport wait line fiasco. Missed flights, long waits, and frustration boiling over: the summer travel season is upon us and the American people are fed up with one of the worst travel periods in recent memory. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and the head of the Transportation Security Administration, Peter Neffenger, are pleading for help from Congress—and for patience from the American people, writes Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., in The Daily Signal.
What we’re reading: “Judging by the past, the upcoming political conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia will materially affect our national politics, even if the winning candidates have already been determined. Conventions matter—to the presidential nominees, to every candidate, national and local, running in 2016, to the party faithful, and to the public seeking the right leadership. A national convention is a combination of things—it’s a political rally, a Fourth of July celebration, an evangelical tent meeting. It’s political, patriotic, and passionate, susceptible to waves of emotion that can upset the best-laid plans of organizers,” writes The Heritage Foundation’s Lee Edwards for National Review.
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