Capital Bell – Defection points to possible problems within ISIS leadership

Capital Bell – Defection points to possible problems within ISIS leadership

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Mar. 15, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the Senate is at work on a bill that Daren Bakst says will hasten government-imposed labeling of genetically engineered food. An ISIS defector reveals all is not well within the Islamist terrorist army, Robin Simcox writes. And a guest commentator from Texas shows how the Obama administration’s “clean power” rules will kill jobs for American Indians.

Obama’s clean power plan will destroy Navajo Nation jobs. Some communities in the U.S. are hurt worse than others by the impacts of the Clean Power Plan. The legacy of mismanagement and mistreatment of Native Americans has left many with a lack of job opportunities, economic resources, and sometimes basic commodities like water, writes Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chuck DeVore.
Senate bill would effectively support mandatory labeling of GMOs. Last year, the House passed a bill to pre-empt states from imposing mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food, also known as GMOs. While it looked as if the Senate was going to follow suit, in the last minute, the Senate pivoted to effectively mandate the labeling of genetically engineered food, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Daren Bakst.
Defection points to possible problems within ISIS leadership. One of the keys to defeating the Islamic State (ISIS) is acquiring intelligence on it. So when a Syrian ISIS defector passes over a memory stick of names, telephone numbers, and addresses of ISIS fighters to the United Kingdom broadcaster Sky News, it’s a potentially significant moment, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Robin Simcox.
What we’re reading: Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia will be pulling out of Syria. And why not? He’s accomplished what he set out to do in the first place: secure Assad’s position in Syria and a foothold of Russian influence in the Middle East. But don’t let that fool you. Putin is likely just moving from one scheme to the next, and defeating ISIS and terrorism, despite Putin’s anti-terrorist rhetoric, has little to do with it. According to The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano, Putin was and is in this for himself and no other.

Since China’s adoption of the one-child policy in 1979, the rights of Chinese women, including the most basic right to life, have been all but trampled. That transgression has come back to bite China in the form of a sex ratio imbalance that is harming their society in everything from their economy to their cultural development. Now China has adopted a two-child policy. The Heritage Foundation’s Olivia Enos argues such a policy is far from effective in addressing the national wounds caused by the Chinese government’s regulation of human life.
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