Capital Bell – The green subsidies bill perfectly illustrates Washington’s spending addiction

Capital Bell – The green subsidies bill perfectly illustrates Washington’s spending addiction


The Daily Signal
April 11, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the Senate again plans to hand out goodies to “green” energy companies. Heritage Foundation economist Nick Loris calls that a raw deal for the taxpayer. Genevieve Wood talks with a Republican congressman who got a clear message about Washington spending from the folks at home over spring break. What do corruption charges against Detroit public school officials say about the need for education reform? Kristiana Mork talks to some who know.

The green subsidies bill perfectly illustrates Washington’s spending addiction. Christmas came early last year for green companies looking for Washington handouts after Congress passed legislation extending massive subsidies for wind, solar, and other renewable energy companies. Now the Senate is attempting to ensure that Christmas comes again for these same companies by expanding the qualifying sources for green goodies. Some senators are under the impression that energy subsides help spur “innovation.” They want to therefore attach targeted tax breaks for renewable energy sources as part of legislation to reauthorize funding for the Federal Aviation Administration.
Conservative lawmaker on the House budget: “We’re not there yet.” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., sat down with The Daily Signal to talk about the next round in the budget battle now that Congress is back from recess. Meadows told The Daily Signal’s Genevieve Wood, “We’re not there yet” in terms of finding offsets to bring down the spending levels currently being pushed by House GOP leadership. In talking with constituents in his home state over the past two weeks, Meadows said many of them are very skeptical of Washington’s continued push for more spending. Watch the video here.
Corruption charges in Detroit schools spur calls for education reform. Officials are calling for education reform after bribery indictments against Detroit public school officials and a supplier alleged $2.7 million in fraudulent spending, even as Michigan’s governor signed off on nearly $50 million in emergency spending. “Principals are in positions of public trust and have an obligation to act in the best interest of their schools and the children … they represent,” Jarod Koopman, IRS special agent in charge, said in a formal statement. The Daily Signal’s Kristiana Mork has the story.
What we’re reading: “It’s bad enough that college students today have to juggle academic and social pressures while paying historically high tuition rates that often saddle them with years of debt. But now they’re struggling to retain their First Amendment rights. We’ve seen this all across the country. Students at Yale University last year made headlines when they protested, of all things, a panel emphasizing the importance of free speech,” writes The Heritage Foundation’s Mary Clare Reim for The Boston Herald.

Sen. James Lankford has made a small vocabulary victory he believes will have a significant impact on religious liberty. The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it plans to replace the term “freedom of worship” on all naturalization materials with “freedom of religion.” The Oklahoma Republican began pushing DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to make the change last June, reports The Daily Signal’s Philip Wegmann.
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