Capitol Bell -China – nuclear tipped warheads that can travel thousands of miles and potentially target U.S. territory

Capitol Bell -China – nuclear tipped warheads that can travel thousands of miles and potentially target U.S. territory

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May 31, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where Greece’s ongoing debt crisis provides hard lessons for America’s political leaders, James Roberts argues. The Justice Department punished a whistleblower who exposed a secretive, politically connected bank. Sharyl Attkisson has the exclusive interview. And China’s missile-firing nuclear subs are important, Harry Kazianis writes, in deciding the size of the U.S. defense budget.

Chinese ballistic missile submarines should definitely cause concern. As the United States continues to struggle with adequately funding its armed forces, other nations around the world are developing impressive military capabilities. Case in point: In a recent article published by The Guardian, China is set to deploy nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines, or what many in the naval community affectionately call “boomers,” armed with the most deadly of weapons—long-range, nuclear tipped warheads that can travel thousands of miles and potentially target U.S. territory, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Harry J. Kazianis.
Europe rolls over on Greek debt (again), with no reforms. The Heritage Foundation’s James M. Roberts writes that after the latest round of “crisis” negotiations in Brussels last week, the European Union and Greece announced more “extend-and-pretend” stop-gap measures to avert a Greek default. As the Financial Times and Bloomberg reported, the European Union will extend about 11 billion euros from the current bailout fund to stave off default “at least until October” 2016.
He blew the whistle on a global financial firm, then broke open Swiss bank secrecy. Released from prison four years ago, Bradley Birkenfeld is a wealthy man thanks to a record $104 million settlement paid to him by the U.S. government after he served his time. Sharyl Attkisson talked with the former employee of the Swiss bank UBS about the massive scheme to help wealthy Americans evade taxes, and why he says the U.S. Department of Justice chose to prosecute him, but let nearly everyone else involved in the scam get off “with light penalties or none at all.
What we’re reading: “America’s military faces a readiness crisis. The Marine Corps is looting aviation museums for spare parts to repair combat aircraft. The Navy is three dozen ships short of what the chief of naval operations says is necessary to meet operational requirements. Reduced training hours have led to an increase in fatal training incidents for the Army. And the Air Force is flying increasingly old and worn-out planes. With these issues piling up for our service members, one would think our commander in chief would dedicate his final year in office to rebuilding the military. Yet throughout his presidency, Mr. Obama preferred to steer taxpayer dollars to wasteful environmental campaigns,” write The Heritage Foundation’s Brian Slattery and Rachel Zissimos in The Washington Times.

Watch the video to see The Daily Signal break down where exactly the Obama administration’s bathroom directive applies, and where it doesn’t.
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