Capitol Bell – Congressional panel issues more subpoenas in ongoing Planned Parenthood investigation.

 Capitol Bell – Congressional panel issues more subpoenas in ongoing Planned Parenthood investigation. 

The Daily Signal | Old Guard Audio

The Daily Signal | Old Guard Audio

May 10, 2016

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where lawmakers said the big “sequestration” budget cuts would save hundreds of millions. It ain’t so, Heritage Foundation budget expert Romina Boccia discloses. Two financial entities face deadlines tomorrow and next week to turn over documents subpoenaed by a House panel looking into the fetal tissue industry. Leah Jessen reports. And Bryan Riley puts his foot down over the influence of cronyism on athletic footwear for the military.

A look into Washington’s crony dealmaking process. New Balance Athletic Shoes, which manufactures some of its shoes in the United States, has recently been pushing Congress for a “Made in the USA” sneaker mandate for new military recruits. Reps. Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine, and Niki Tsongas, D-Mass., (who just happen to represent states where New Balance factories are located) eagerly are behind the mandate, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Bryan Riley.

Here’s why some sequestration savings never happened. The Heritage Foundation’s Romina Boccia writes promised savings rarely materialize to their fullest extent when it comes to federal spending. From budget gimmicks to accounting tricks, government agencies and Congress have their ways of making savings elusive. A House Budget Committee inquiry raised awareness for yet another example of elusive savings and a lack of transparency in government accounting: The public and Congress don’t know how much sequestration actually saved in any given year.

Congressional panel issues more subpoenas in ongoing Planned Parenthood investigation. The subpoenas demand Scinto Group, a financial service business, to produce requested documents by May 11 and Five Star Bancorp, the bank holding company of Five Star Bank, by May 17. Requested documents include items such as monthly account statements, credit card transaction receipts, and paperwork related to fetal tissue transactions.

What we’re reading: Writing in The Washington Times, Heritage Founder Ed Feulner talks about Kim Holmes’ new book, “The Closing of the Liberal Mind” saying: “It shows that much of what passes for liberalism today is, historically speaking, anything but. Moreover, many who call themselves conservative today would have been considered ‘liberal’ if they lived in the time of the Founding Fathers.” Read more at The Washington Times.


President Obama officially made the bison the National Mammal yesterday. Here’s how capitalism saved it from extinction.

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