Capitol Bell – Conservative leaders rally behind stopping IRS abuse of donor disclosures for nonprofits.

Capitol Bell – Conservative leaders rally behind stopping IRS abuse of donor disclosures for nonprofits.

Capitol Bell @ Old Guard Audio

Capitol Bell @ Old Guard Audio

July 5, 2016

It’s back to work on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers’ moves to stop the IRS from restricting free speech aren’t as forceful as conservatives would like. Leah Jessen has the story. The deadly terrorist attack in Bangladesh shows Islamist extremism is a serious problem there, Lisa Curtis comments, and blaming the political opposition isn’t an acceptable response. Dean Cheng writes that the Obama administration’s treatment of China is more friendly than adversarial. Tomorrow is Eid al-Fitr, the end of Muslims’ holy month Ramadan.

Obama makes clear it’s better to be America’s adversary than ally. Rarely has the stark contrast between being an adversary of America and being an American friend been more in evidence than in the news from the western Pacific. With the inauguration of Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan saw the fourth democratic transition in the island’s leadership since the end of martial law in the 1990s, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Dean Cheng.

Conservative leaders rally behind stopping IRS abuse of donor disclosures for nonprofits.The Daily Signal’s Leah Jessen reports that legislation that would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from requiring tax-exempt organizations to include the names, addresses, or identifying information of donors in yearly returns could end up on President Barack Obama’s desk. The Conservative Action Project, comprised of leaders at over 100 organizations working toward common goals within the conservative movement, recently issued a memo calling for a curtailment of IRS power.

Bangladesh attack shows depth of country’s extremist problems. As Bangladesh comes to grip with the horrific terrorist attack July 1 at a café in an upscale neighborhood in Dhaka, the Sheikh Hasina government must focus on shutting down local Islamist militant groups and cooperating closely with U.S. authorities to determine whether the terrorists had operational links to global groups, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Lisa Curtis.

What we’re reading: “To hear the Democrat-media complex tell it, guns themselves are responsible for last month’s carnage at a gay nightclub in Orlando—not the jihadist (a registered Democrat) who pulled the triggers again and again while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ and pledging allegiance to ISIS. This ‘blame the guns’ meme spearheads the Left’s latest campaign against the Second Amendment. President Obama and his allies in Congress seek to deny the constitutional gun-ownership rights of Americans merely suspected of terror ties—even as the Left champions the non-existent immigration rights of aliens from regions notorious for terror ties,” writes Andrew McCarthy for National Review.


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