Capitol Bell – Government rates 99% of federal employees “fully successful” or higher

Capitol Bell – Government rates 99% of federal employees “fully successful” or higher

Capitol Bell @ Old Guard Audio

Capitol Bell @ Old Guard Audio

June 16, 2016

The wonder of wonders on Capitol Hill, where the government rates less than 1 percent of its employees as “minimally successful” or “unacceptable.” Rachel Greszler has some thoughts on that study. In a reaction to the Orlando terrorist attack, Senate Democrats talk and talk and talk about the need for more gun control. Faith Vander Voort has details. Observing Hulk Hogan’s bankruptcy-inducing victory over Gawker, Andrew Kloster and Jessica Higa ponder the power of wealth in the courts.

Government rates 99% of federal employees “fully successful” or higher. According to a recent study by the Government Accountability Office, virtually all federal employees are above average. In a five-scale rating system, 74 percent of federal employees were given the highest two ratings of “exceeds fully successful” and “outstanding.” Including the middle category of “fully successful” encompasses more than 99 percent of federal employees, leaving less than one-half of one percent as either “minimally successful” or “unacceptable.”

Senate Democrats mount a filibuster in a quest for gun control. Days after America’s deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11, lawmakers in Washington are clashing over Democrat demands for more gun control. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., a vocal gun control supporter, is leading a Senate filibuster in hopes of ending what he calls the “terror gap.” Murphy blocked consideration of a Senate spending bill in an effort to add language that would “prevent individuals on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List from purchasing guns—and to expand background checks,” according to a press release, reports The Daily Signal’s Faith Vander Voort.

Gawker files for bankruptcy: Do super rich have too much influence on our legal system? Last week, Gawker Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, shortly after it lost a major $140 million lawsuit to Terry Bollea, who is better known by his wrestling persona, Hulk Hogan. This type of bankruptcy doesn’t liquidate the company—rather, it restructures the company in an attempt to go forward unsaddled by debt. Some are already lamenting what they see as a loss for journalism, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Andrew Kloster and Jessica Higa.

What we’re reading: “Gun sales are surging in the wake of Sunday’s deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The tragedy is generating new debate over gun control reform and the right to bear arms. Gun shops typically see a spike in customers after mass shootings. But this time, many are seeing shoppers they’ve never really seen before More gays and lesbians. George Horne, the owner of The Gun Room, Denver’s oldest firearms dealer, said Tuesday business is booming at his store,” writes Keagan Harsha for FOX31 in Denver.


Grassley agrees with Senate Democrats that something needs to change, but he argues stricter gun laws will not fix the issue because “the terrorist attacks in France have proven that even the toughest gun laws don’t stop terrorists.”

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