Capitol Bell – Obamacare mandate would make “hypocrites” of Catholic University, its president says.

Capitol Bell – Obamacare mandate would make “hypocrites” of Catholic University, its president says. 

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March 23, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the Senate is out and the House has a light schedule going into Easter. The failures of Obamacare as it turns 6, however, never go away. Bob Moffit, a veteran health policy expert, lists five of the Affordable Care Act’s worst symptoms. The president of a major Catholic university tells The Daily Signal why Obamacare forced his institution to go to the Supreme Court today. And Argentina welcomes President Obama as a new government struggles to expand economic freedom.

A legacy of broken promises: Obamacare turns 6. Notwithstanding the president’s notorious promise, millions of Americans have lost their health care plans, and for some, their choice of doctors is also shrinking, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Moffit.
Obamacare mandate would make “hypocrites” of Catholic University, its president says. The head of one of the nation’s most prominent Catholic universities said in an interview with The Daily Signal that Obamacare is at odds with the institution’s mission by mandating coverage of contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs in health plans, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Mariana Barillas.
Obama visits Argentina as the nation works to improve economic freedom. Best of all for Americans are the actions Argentina is taking to improve relations with the United States, Argentina’s biggest source of foreign investment and an important trading partner. The visits by Obama to Buenos Aires and an upcoming visit by Argentina’s President Macri to Washington reflect those goodwill efforts, writes The Heritage Foundation’s James Roberts.
What we’re reading: While President Obama’s visit to Cuba is historic in its own right, the visit does nothing to foment change for the oppressed people of Cuba, much like the rest of Obama’s Cuba policy. If the human rights violations in Cuba are to stop and the Cuban people to see any relief from the iron-fisted communist regime that currently rules them, the U.S. must adopt a harder, aggressive stance toward Cuba and press Havana to institute human rights reforms. Otherwise, writes Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner, the suffering of the Cuban people will continue.

The compromise offered to religious organizations in the Obamacare mandate does only one thing for the Little Sisters of the Poor—force them to compromise their sincerely held faith. While the Sisters would not be paying for contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs for their employees, the compromise would still make them accessories to the act of providing the contraceptives, writes Grace Stark.
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