Capitol Bell | The ACLU’s hypocrisy on religious liberty |Economic literacy can counter socialism

Capitol Bell | The ACLU’s hypocrisy on religious liberty |Economic literacy can counter socialism



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Mar. 17, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where conservatives often are falsely accused of not caring about the poor. Today, Rachel Sheffield and Mark Erste counter with a list of eight conservative policies to cut poverty. Know folks attracted to socialism’s false promises? Patrick Tyrrell says you can help them see clearly, at no charge, with this online university. When it comes to religious freedom, the ACLU tries to have it both ways. Melody Wood and Tory McClintock lay out the evidence.

The ACLU’s hypocrisy on religious liberty. The ACLU had argued for the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act precisely because it struck the right balance, so it is more than ironic to now see the ACLU leading the charge against state religious freedom bills that are effectively identical to the federal law it once championed.
Economic literacy can counter socialism. Economic literacy is important because socialist ideas can sound plausible to people without basic knowledge of economics. To them, a centralized system of resource planning may sound preferable to markets where individuals are free to participate in commercial transactions of their choice. History teaches otherwise.
8 conservative policies that will reduce poverty. Ever increasing spending has not solved the problem. As President Ronald Reagan said, “we fought a war on poverty, and poverty won.” It’s time to adopt a different strategy to fight poverty.
What we’re reading: The first step to battling your enemy is to define who and what your enemy is. It’s a lesson passed down through the ages, taught to us again by President Reagan when he called out the Soviet Union for what it was: an “evil empire.” And it is a lesson we are thankfully taking to heart once more, as just today the U.S. government has acknowledged that the atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians in Syria are nothing less than genocide. Here is what that means for the future of Christians in Syria.

There’s no denying the numbers—Obamacare is failing.
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