Capitol Bell – Utah school board members push to reject federal money to avoid transgender guidelines

Capitol Bell – Utah school board members push to reject federal money to avoid transgender guidelines

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May 19, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, which keeps hearing from folks back home about President Obama’s dictation of transgender policies for public schools. Board members in one Utah school district propose to break free of federal mandates, Leah Jessen reports. Unless green energy gives the military an advantage, Rachel Zissimos writes, the Defense Department shouldn’t have to spend taxpayer money on it. And Lindsey Burke says proponents of school choice just scored a major win over the ACLU.

Utah school board members push to reject federal money to avoid transgender guidelines. Instead of following transgender student guidelines pushed by the Obama administration, some Utah district school board members have plans to create a budget that would be free from federal funding, according to reports. Brian Halladay, Wendy Hart, and Paula Hill, school board members in the Alpine School District, penned an open letter to Utah state leaders, stating their opposition to President Barack Obama’s transgender student guidelines, reports The Daily Signal’s Leah Jessen.
School choice gets a big win in Nevada court decision. Families got one step closer to finally being able to access the most expansive education choice option of any state. A trial court judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union against Nevada’s nearly universal education savings account program. The suit, Duncan v. State of Nevada, challenged the publicly funded education savings account program, which provides parents access to the funding that would have been spent on their child in the public school system through a restricted-use savings account, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke.
Costly renewable energy regulations prevent our military from doing its job. The Heritage Foundation’s Rachel Zissimos writes that the Obama administration is aggressively defending costly renewable energy initiatives for the Defense Department. By forcing its political agenda onto the military, the Obama administration prioritizes inefficient renewable energy initiatives at the expense of U.S. military strength and taxpayers. These requirements mandate that the Defense Department produce or procure “not less than 25 percent” of its facility energy from renewable energy sources by fiscal year 2025.
What we’re reading: “OK, Mr. Zuckerberg, this is exactly the kind of thing we’re talking about: Actress Patricia Heaton (‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘The Middle’) posted a simple, pro-life message on social media that caught a lot of attention and went viral on Twitter and Facebook. It became so popular that it became the top trending story on Facebook Thursday morning,” writes Larry O’Connor in Hot Air.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas addressed the 2016 graduating class at Hillsdale College in Michigan, telling the graduates to lead by example and to not hide their faith and beliefs.
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