Capitol Bell – Video – KT McFarland, national security contributor to Fox News – fighting the war against Islamic terrorism

Capitol Bell – Video – KT McFarland, national security contributor to Fox News – fighting the war against Islamic terrorism


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March 22, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels dominate the discussion. The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano urges the U.S. not to follow in Europe’s footsteps by allowing an Islamist network to thrive here, while Cully Stimson cautions Americans to remember how intelligence collection protects the nation. Doubtless those praying for Brussels include Little Sisters of the Poor, the order of nuns that President Obama insists provide “free” contraceptives to employees. Elizabeth Slattery and Sarah Torre weigh in on their Supreme Court case.


After Brussels attacks, U.S. must not repeat Europe’s mistakes. Shutting down foreign fighter pipelines is important. So too are sensible and proactive counterterrorism investigations here that interdict potential terror threats before they start to look like Paris and Brussels and responsible immigration and border security policies, argues The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano.
Brussels attack shows lawful intelligence collection has never been more important. The United States cannot focus its attention solely on state actors. We face numerous challenges from established world powers, emerging states, and elusive terrorist organizations. As hotbeds of violence and aggression sprout up in many parts of the globe, we cannot neglect the importance of accurate and timely information in combating these threats, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Cully Stimson.
Little Sisters of the Poor case heads to Supreme Court. You don’t have to agree with any of the organizations before the court or share their beliefs to recognize that the government should not be able to force Americans to set aside their deeply held beliefs simply because they step outside the four walls of a church to serve the poor, heal the sick, or educate the next generation, write The Heritage Foundation’s Elizabeth Slattery and Sarah Torre.
What we’re reading: In light of the terrorist attacks in Brussels and other similar attacks Europe has suffered recently, it is clear that the face of global terrorism is changing as quickly as the threat it poses grows. The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano argues that the U.S. needs a new bipartisan review commission to help address this growing threat. As unlikely as such a commission is in the current administration, it could be an invaluable help to the next president.
KT McFarland, national security contributor to Fox News and once the highest-ranking woman in the Pentagon, says she came back to the field of national security after witnessing 9/11. Having served in the administrations of several presidents, the last of which was Ronald Reagan, she helped to win one war—the Cold War. Watch her interview with The Daily Signal to hear her explain why she came out of retirement to fight the war against Islamic terrorism—a longer and deadlier war than the one she faced already.
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– KT McFarland on the ‘Powder Keg’ That’s About to Explode in Europe

Genevieve Wood /

KT McFarland decided to re-enter the national security arena after 9/11. She had stepped down as the highest-ranking woman at the Pentagon in the Reagan administration to raise a family.

So why did McFarland, national security contributor for Fox News Channel, come back? In an on-camera interview with The Daily Signal, she tells me America’s long war against radical Islam will be “the challenge for the rest of my life.”

McFarland also talks about the refugee and migrant invasion taking place in Europe. It’s not just an economic crisis, she says; it’s potentially a major terrorist threat.

“You’ve got a real powder keg,” she says.


haiti thank you for talking to us I know most of the audience knows use the Fox
News national security analyst what they may not know is that you served in the
reagan administration for demonstration Nixon administration yeah expert you
took time off after those tours of duty service to to go home to another tour of
duty in and raise your family why did you get back and pull it might just
story was that I had started out as a eighteen working for henry kissinger in
the nixon administration so I had a terrific start my career and I had a big
Washington career nixon ford reagan administration highest-ranking woman at
the pentagon did great graduate work in Oxford MIT and in 1985 I felt I got
married I moved to New York and my husband and I have raised five kids so
I’m living the most like fried stayed home baking cookies voluntary the school
library more concerned with his getting elected class mother who’s getting
elected to Congress and then september eleventh hour
and I drop my to my anger over 500 kids off at school and went to lower
Manhattan I watched those two planes going to raise two towers and realize
that this is the challenge for the rest of my life and I’ve been in government
we have on our war which was the cold war which praised president reagan in
the reagan revolution we want without firing a shot but there’s another war
and that’s about of colors law and that’s a long walk there were continuing
to go and we have to know how to fight again this is why it’s such a critical
issue because we’ve spent 15 years since September 11 with all the best of
intentions republicans democrats liberal republicans conservative about we have
here how to do it
we’ve had to land wars in the Middle East we have one either one of them
President Obama’s ignore the whole thing and that’s that’s gotten even worse so
you can and there’s plenty of blame to go around I’m not saying who’s fault
this and I don’t care about at this point I look at how do you fix it future
there’s so much going on we could talk about a lot of things to look
specifically talk about what’s happening in Europe you’re really concerned about
what you see happening
here’s what I think is the biggest problem with the Middle East is on fire
and refugees have my grams summer refugees and migrants looking for better
opportunities the europeans opened their doors not understanding what they were
open to you too and there is now a refugee invasion is happening
and the europeans are know how to deal with it so Europe the European Union
which was created forty years ago by the European countries to be a common market
common currency you didn’t need a passport to go from France to Germany
trade commerce transportation communication would go across borders
and they would be a European Union sort of like an early united states of the
United States of Europe and now what’s happened is as the migrants have come
country after country in Europe berated me but they don’t have jobs we can
assimilate there’s a very different cultural background from them to us and
we see a real crisis coming so we’re putting up walls and you’re going to see
in the next year as more and more millions more migrants come to Europe
the European Union is gonna start putting up those walls and say not here
go there and Mike real concern is not just as an economic crisis in Europe
that is refugee crisis in here
what it has a daughter is how I think it’s gonna happen within a year is your
gonna have hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men roaming around europe
stateless homeowners no jobs no state will give them the benefits that they
the social welfare benefits just say it’s can’t afford them they can go back
home and so I think you’ve got a real ok I mean it’s like a time bomb is about to
explode in Europe

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