Capitol Bell – Will the Supreme Court stop Obama’s illegal executive amnesty program?

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April 20, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where heads are shaking over the decision by the nation’s largest health insurance company to drop out of most Obamacare exchanges. Experts, Kristiana Mork reports, saw this coming. Sen. Mike Lee writes that President Obama’s executive amnesty for il

illegals - Old Guard Audio

illegals – Old Guard Audio

legal immigrants isn’t just “prosecutorial discretion.” And Joshua Meservey and Tyler Yeatts look at how official corruption has betrayed South Africans.


Will the Supreme Court stop Obama’s illegal executive amnesty program? The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in United States v. Texas, which challenges one of the most egregious examples of Washington’s corrupted culture: President Obama’s amnesty program, the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Records. For more than six decades, Congress has exercised its power over immigration by establishing a comprehensive scheme of rules and regulations governing admission to the country and the circumstances under which foreign nationals may be eligible for work authorization or government benefits, writes Sen. Mike Lee.
Health care giant abandons “higher-risk” Obamacare exchanges. Health insurance giant UnitedHealth Group opted out of most Obamacare health exchanges after a review of its first-quarter earnings suggested the exchanges would be a risky investment. According to The Washington Times, UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen J. Hemsley said on a first-quarter earnings call that the small-market size and “shorter-term, higher-risk” profile of Obamacare exchanges “suggest we cannot broadly serve it on an effective and sustained basis,” reports The Daily Signal’s Kristiana Mork.
South Africa is losing the war against corruption. Once a model for emerging African democracies, South Africa is now mired in corruption that undermines its economy, provokes social unrest, and betrays the dreams and trust of millions of South Africans. South African President Jacob Zuma easily survived an April 5 impeachment vote in parliament, thanks to the large majority party he heads, the African National Congress. The African National Congress, the party of Nelson Mandela, has dominated South African politics since the end of apartheid in 1994.
What we’re reading: “In the 1950s, it was: ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?’ Today, it’s: ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a climate change denier?’ I’m not referring simply to the fact that it’s politically incorrect to question assertions of man-made global warming. That’s bad enough, but no—I mean that if some powerful individuals get their way, it could soon be a federal crime to do so,” writes Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner in The Washington Times.
Sen. Ben Sasse introduced a bill that would force the Obama administration to deposit $5 billion in the Treasury by 2017 as required under Obamacare’s reinsurance program or face steep cuts to its departmental management fund this year and next year. Called the “Taxpayers Before Insurers Act,” Sasse’s legislation codifies penalties for the Department of Health and Human Services should it choose to again divert billions of dollars in reinsurance payments intended for the U.S. Treasury to insurers, reports The Daily Signal’s Melissa Quinn.
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