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Chris Stirewalt Fox News First — Ted Cruz can’t flinch in Trump fight

Chris Stirewalt Fox News First — Ted Cruz can’t flinch in Trump fight FOX News First: Jan. 13 By Chris Stirewalt Buzz Cut: Ted Cruz can’t flinch in Trump fight –Haley shows veepstakes strength in rebuttal ???????????????? Hillary gets cold shoulder from Iowans How would a Hillary prosecution work? Road hog CRUZ CAN’T FLINCH IN TRUMP FIGHT NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C…. Read more »

Rush Limbaugh – What the Nikki Haley Speech Means

Rush Limbaugh America's Anchor Man @

It’s the first time in my life I can remember the response to the State of the Union not going after the president but rather going off the front-runner of, in this case, her own party.

New York Times Hatchet Job on Ted Cruz

First, a bit of background. Appellate court decisions do not affect only the parties involved. They also set precedents that will control future cases. Sometimes courts come to results that are just in the particular case but do so by wrong paths, and the precedents set that way can cause other cases to end up in unjust results. When such a bad precedent is set, the authorities of the state are quite right to have that error corrected, even if they expect the ultimate result in the particular case to be the same.

The Daily 202: With drug overdoses a huge issue in N.H., Jeb and Carly open up about their family experiences

One of the beautiful things about representative democracy is that politicians respond to the concerns of the electorate. Our nation faces a horrible epidemic of drug addiction, largely from prescription pain killers and heroin.