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Capitol Bell – Jobs report numbers at odds with Obama’s economic spin

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A new report from the Department of Homeland Security inspector general concludes that the field office director at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services “improperly delayed” investigators from Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Rush Limbaugh – An Obama Post-Presidency Preview

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Rush Limbaugh – An Obama Post-Presidency Preview   An Obama Post-Presidency Preview June 02, 2016 BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I’m serious.  I made this prediction, and I meant it.  It’s deadly serious, folks. Well, not deadly.  But it’s politically serious.  If I’m right about this, it’s unprecedented.  Well, slightly unprecedented.  Bill Clinton at least went overseas to rip on George W…. Read more »

Obama Administration Keeps House Republicans Waiting on Transgender Bathroom Order

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Walker complained that the Obama administration gave his home state just three business days to reply. North Carolina and the federal government have filed competing lawsuits against each other over the issue.

Indiana Lawmakers Reject Obama’s Stimulus Success Story

“The only thing [Obama] promised was to come in and transform a lot of these jobs into electrical vehicle jobs and they were going to reinvent the Elkhart economy,” Long said. “There’s nothing to show for it.”