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Trump: Clinton ‘made up’ things I said. Clinton: you literally said it all – as it happened

The Guardian - Old Guard Audio

Supporters clash with protesters; George W Bush condemns fellow Republican for Mexican heritage bias against judge in Trump University fraud case

Obama rejects ‘attempt to stigmatize Muslims’ in US after Brussels attacks

ISIS Heads on a Stick

US president’s weekly address a stern contrast to Cruz and Trump comments about patrolling neighborhoods and calls to clamp down on immigration

Clinton regains momentum after win over Sanders in Nevada

As Democratic race heads to South Carolina, Clinton says ‘the fight is on’, and Sanders strikes an upbeat tone in concession speech

Fall of the house of Bush: how Jeb fell victim to hype, hysteria … and himself

After a campaign marked by debate-stage fights with Donald Trump and an ill-conceived attempt to ‘kill’ Marco Rubio ‘in his crib’, a political dynasty is over