Congress Diane Black – Making the Case for LIFE at the Supreme Court

Congress Diane Black – Making the Case for LIFE at the Supreme Court


Here’s What You Had to Say 

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From our work to continue exposing the recklessness of this President’s implementation of Obamacare, to a cold morning outside the Supreme Court defending the rights of the unborn, to Monday evening’s teletown hall with more than 9,000 of you, it has been quite a week in Washington. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to, including your poll results from Monday night’s phone call:

Making the Case for LIFE at the Supreme Court
This past Wednesday, the Supreme Court took up what may become the most consequential case regarding abortion in a generation: Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. The court’s decisions will have lasting consequences on the health and safety of women and their pre-born children. It is critical that pro-life Americans recognize what is at stake. I wrote about the law at the heart of this case in an op-ed for Life News which you can read here. Wednesday morning I also had an opportunity to join a rally outside the Supreme Court urging the justices to protect the rights of babies and their mothers. You can read a write-up of my remarks from CNS News here.

The Latest on My Fight Against Fraudulent Obamacare Subsidies
I joined Newsmax TV on Monday to discuss Obamacare’s giveaway of $750 million in subsidies to illegal immigrants and how I’m fighting to get those dollars back while making sure this never happens again. Watch below:

Results from Monday Night’s TeleTown Hall Poll
More than 9,000 of you participated in my teletown hall on Monday evening, where we discussed everything from President Obama’s dangerous Iran deal, to the treatment of our nation’s police officers, to employee pensions. During the call, I asked a series of poll questions to gauge your thoughts on the top issues in Washington. Here is what you had to say:

What do you believe Congress’s top priority should be in the year ahead?

Reducing federal spending – 21%
Repealing and replacing Obamacare – 26%
Reforming our broken  tax code – 15%
Destroying ISIS and other terrorist networks – 23%
Other – 14%

Last week, President Obama announced plans to close the terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay and transfer some detainees to American soil. Based on what you know, do you support or oppose this decision?

Support  – 6%
Oppose – 83%
Unsure – 12%

A government report found that the Obama Administration released $750 million worth of taxpayer-funded Obamacare subsidies to potentially ineligible recipients. Congressman Black is the author of the “No Subsidies Without Verification Act” – legislation requiring the Obama Administration to verify Obamacare applicants’ eligibility for subsidies before payments are doled out. Do you support or oppose such legislation?

Support – 66%
Oppose – 14%
Unsure – 20%


Diane Black
Member of Congress

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