Congressman Diane Black – $700,000 for a Climate Change Musical?

Congressman Diane Black – $700,000 for a Climate Change Musical? 

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$700,000 for This??

Dear Friend,

It has been a great week visiting with so many of you during my travels throughout middle Tennessee. As I wrap up a few busy days in the district and head back to Washington, I wanted to let you know about three quick things that are on my mind today:

Note to Hollywood: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman
Last week, actress and producer Amy Brenneman wrote a column in Cosmopolitan magazine explaining that she had “never, not once” regretted her past abortion and furthering claims that women’s advocates must support abortion on demand. After reading Amy’s column, I felt compelled to offer a response and give voice to the millions of pro-life women who, like me, believe that women’s rights begin in the womb. That is why I wrote an open letter to Amy Brenneman to share how my decades in the healthcare industry informed my view that all life is sacred and deserves to be protected. Take a minute to read my open letter and let me know what you think:

$700,000 for a Climate Change Musical?
This week I joined Fox 17 News to discuss my fight for transparency and accountability at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Few would question that the research of NSF is critically important, but too often the organization has been using taxpayer dollars to fund grants and causes that are not in the national interest. For example, the organization spent $340,000 to study early human-set fires in New Zealand, $227,000 for a grant to study pictures of animals in National Geographic magazine, and $700,000 on a climate change-themed musical that quickly closed. For these reasons, the House voted with my support to pass the Scientific Research in the National Interest Act – legislation requiring the NSF to provide a written explanation for how each grant benefits the national interest. Watch my Fox 17 interview by clicking here or the photo below:

Students Making #TN06 Proud 
This week I made several stops at area schools, including a visit to Benny Bills Elementary, where I read to 2nd and 3rd grade students, and a trip to Merrol Hyde Magnet School, where I had the privilege of recognizing two students with well-deserved honors. Skylar Bentley and Emerin Boomer are sophomores at Merrol Hyde and the winners of this year’s 6th District Congressional App Challenge Award. This contest is an initiative of the House of Representatives to improve student engagement in coding and computer science. Skylar and Emerin’s submission was an app called “UMATH,” a resource that provides extra help to students with math assignments. Join me in congratulating Skylar and Emerin on their success!


Diane Black
Member of Congress

PS- As I’ve always said, I believe you deserve a representative who is accountable to you and answers your questions. Following several inaccurate media reports, many of you contacted my office this week to raise concerns about my attendance at an annual conservative gathering known as the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) World Forum. I wanted to set the record straight, so I wrote a Facebook note addressing some of the mainstream media’s misinformation, which you can read HERE.

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