Congressman Diane Black – Stop President Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Congressman Diane Black – Stop President Obama’s Executive Amnesty


News from Representative Black
Dear Friend,

I’m writing to you today from Smith County, Tennessee where I’m touring a family-owned farm in Hickman and visiting Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation in Carthage. Earlier in the day, I had a chance to meet with first grade students at Watertown Elementary in Wilson County. Wherever this Friday finds you, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to the weekend ahead. Before you start making your Saturday plans, I wanted to give you these quick updates from Washington and #TN06:

Unprecedented Action to Stop President Obama’s Executive Amnesty
Yesterday Congress took further action to combat President Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty. The House voted with my support to pass H. Res. 639, a measure allowing Speaker Ryan to file an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the entire House of Representatives opposing the President’s actions. As you may know, 26 states – including Tennessee – have challenged President Obama’s amnesty in the case of United States vs. Texas. Our brief in support of these states will argue that the President’s amnesty violates the Administrative Procedure Act and the Take Care Clause of the Constitution, making his executive actions arbitrary and unconstitutional. By expressing the will of Congress as a whole, this brief will offer a new, unprecedented step towards restoring the balance of power between our branches of government. You can read more about yesterday’s crucial vote here.

Call It What It Is
For too long, the Obama Administration had delayed in calling out ISIS’s war crimes for what they truly are. In fact, earlier this week, the Associated Press had reported that the Administration was likely to miss a Congressional-imposed March 17th deadline to determine whether or not genocide had been perpetrated. In this case, words do matter. The United States has a moral responsibility to lead in the fight against ISIS but we cannot address a crisis that we refuse to first properly diagnose. ISIS is evil. They have engaged in the systematic persecution and mass-killing of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities throughout the Middle East. These are blatant crimes against humanity and we must respond accordingly. That is why the House voted with my support this past Monday to express the sense of Congress that ISIS has indeed committed genocide and that the U.S., the United Nations, and other authorities should reference it as such. It is worth noting that this resolution passedwithout opposition.Thankfully, the White House got the hint and just yesterday, concurred with Congress that genocide had been committed. Now that our branches of government are in agreement on the gravity of the situation, we must work together to prevent further loss of innocent life and eradicate the cancer that is ISIS.

Fighting Back Against Mainstream Media Bias on Abortion
Last week I shared with you about my open letter to actress and producer Amy Brenneman on abortion. Here’s the rest of the story: Before publishing with Fox News, I first attempted to submit my letter to Cosmopolitan. After all, it was this outlet that originally published Brenneman’s column, so surely they would want to present both sides of this issue, right? Wrong. As LifeNews andIndependent Journal Review reported this week, the magazinerejected my submission sight unseen. It’s a shame that Cosmopolitan, a publication that purports to celebrate and empower women, is not interested in giving a voice to the millions of pro-life women who believe that women’s rights begin in the womb – but it won’t stop me from proclaiming this message. Join me in thanking the independent-minded press outlets who shared this story that the mainstream media worked to cover up.

A Washington-DC Sized Welcome for #TN06 Students
I always enjoy meeting fellow Tennesseans, either at home in the district or while up in Washington, but few things are more exciting than hosting 50+ #TN06 students for a visit to their nation’s Capitol. On Tuesday, I met with eighth grade students from Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek. Thanks to Principal Mike Hayes and the Knox Doss teachers and parents for giving these students this unique opportunity. Check out a short video clip from Fox 17 News of their visit to D.C. here and take a look and this group photo below!


Diane Black
Member of Congress

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