Congressman Marsha Blackburn – halt the refugee resettlement program.

Congressman Marsha Blackburn – halt the refugee resettlement program.


This Week in the District
Fellow Americans –

“Our openness to refugees” has no bearing on how we will defeat the Islamic State. A climate change summit is also not a “powerful rebuke” or a military strategy to defeat ISIS. From Paris to San Bernardino to Brussels, the American people see what is happening and there is trepidation. They are fearful of terror deniers whose policies will let the wolves into the sheep’s den to kill innocent men, women and children. Americans are now being told by terror deniers that climate change and “openness” to Syrian refugees will stop the ISIS death march. How delusional. The reality is that we must suspend the refugee resettlement program because it poses a potential danger to the American people. This week I penned an op-ed in Fox News that lays out the details of my bill to halt the refugee resettlement program. I encourage you to read and share it. Additionally, I sat down with Larry King on his show to discuss my efforts. This is vital legislation in ensuring the safety of all Americans.

The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, which I chair, is working in a thoughtful and thorough manner to find the facts about what exactly is going on at abortion businesses and procurement organizations. Unfortunately, some of these organizations have so redacted documents — even after being subpoenaed — that it is impossible for us to get the complete picture of what is actually going on. Others have refused to produce documents required under previous subpoenas, and have threatened to withhold additional subpoenaed information. There should be no resistance to letting all the facts come out — but some abortion supporters seem to be clearly rattled with basic facts coming to light. Therefore, in the interest of completing our investigation as required by the House resolution, we will continue to issue subpoenas when necessary to ensure information can be gathered in a timely fashion. Here’s more information on the subpoenas we issued this week and how our investigation will continue.

Every single day, and especially when tax season is upon us, I hear from constituents who are fed up with the unfairness and overreach of the IRS. They are hard-working, rule-abiding taxpayers who live within their means and send money to a government that refuses to live within its means. In my book, that is fundamentally immoral. But this year, when Tennesseans file their taxes, there’s one box that will permanently be on their return and that means more money back in their pockets. This is thanks to a 12 year fight to permanently allow deductibility of state and local sales tax. The permanence language included in the annual tax extenders bill Congress passed in December. When I came to Congress, I started the fight to get that deduction restored. I was successful in that pursuit but had to go back each year to be sure we did not lose the deduction. Now it is permanent and we don’t have to worry about losing the ability to deduct our sales taxes. Read more about how your family will receive permanent tax relief here.

Thanks for keeping up with the fight for faith, family, and freedom.


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