Congressman Marsha Blackburn – Suspend the settlement of Syrian refugees

Congressman Marsha Blackburn – Suspend the settlement of Syrian refugees

This Week in Washington
Fellow Americans –

Many of you are familiar with the work done by the Tennessee General Assembly to stop President Obama’s lawless Syrian Refugee Resettlement agenda. The legislation put forth by State Senator Mark Norris and State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver mirrors legislation I’ve put forth in the U.S. House of Representatives that would immediately suspend the settlement of Syrian refugees on American soil. The security of the American people should be our top priority; there is simply no way to vet refugees coming from Syria and allowing them to come here is dangerously irresponsible. This week I took time to thank our Tennessee legislators for their commitment to this issue. You can watch my remarks here.

It was alarming to learn this week that a taxpayer-funded volunteer organization, AmeriCorps, violated law by helping women get abortions. First it’s inappropriate. Second, it’s a violation of the law, and third, it’s not what they’re supposed to be doing. It begs the question – how many others might be working outside of what is statutorily given to them to do? Watch my interview on Fox News where I call for a closer look at the issue.

Most Americans aren’t aware that the government can read your e-mail without a warrant. This week the House passed legislation I cosponsored that would put an end to that ability. H.R. 699, the Email Privacy Act, closes a loophole in a 1986 law that allows e-mails to be obtained without a warrant. It creates a uniform warrant requirement, clarifies privacy for cloud computing services, allows law enforcement to access public information and maintains congressional oversight authority. Our laws need to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and I am pleased my colleagues joined me in updating this law to protect Americans’ constitutional rights.

As the weather gets warmer, I know many of you, like my family, are planning to go see your favorite artist perform in concert or your favorite team play a game. It’s exciting to plan, but once you take a look at some of the ticket prices, it can be daunting. For years, scalpers have been taking advantage of computer hacking software called bots to circumvent restrictions put in place by online ticketing agents. They purchase tickets in mass quantities and sell them at a drastically inflated rate, which unfairly prices most fans of live entertainment out of the market. Entertainers go to great lengths to build relationships with their fans and ensure that they will have access to shows, but scalpers are decimating this experience.  For that reason, I introduced legislation that will allow FTC enforcement and a private right of action to be brought against proven online scalpers. It is time to end these anti-consumer tactics and level the online ticket playing field for fans of live entertainment.

Earlier this year, the Administration released a one-size-fits-all regulation that would lead to less access and more costs for average American families seeking retirement advice. It is the Obamacare for financial planning. Here is a great read on the importance of legislation we passed yesterday, the Protecting Access to Affordable Retirement Advice, which rejects this rule and protects smaller investors who have worked to save for retirement.

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