Congressman Phil Roe – Fighting for the Constitution

Congressman Phil Roe – Fighting for the Constitution 

Congressman Phil Roe, M.D. - Representing the 1st District of Tennessee
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Fighting for the Constitution 

In 2014, President Obama took executive action to make sweeping changes to our immigration system. Most notably, these actions would allow up to 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. Now, 25 states are standing up to the president’s executive amnesty and this week House Republicans are taking an unprecedented step to stand with these states and protect our Constitution from President Obama’s reckless agenda.

Last February, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas issued an injunction against the president’s executive amnesty, and the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to review the case last November. In January, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. Members of the House and Senate have the opportunity to formally weigh in on cases before the Supreme Court through amicus briefs, but this is the first time in history the full House will vote on and send an amicus brief to the Supreme Court. This unprecedented step is necessary because President Obama has repeatedly ignored the Constitution and crossed the line to ignore the limits of his office.

Ironically, before the president announced his executive actions, he said he was ‘not a king’ and could not move unilaterally on immigration reform. The president knows the Office of the President has clear limitations set by the Constitution, but he still moved forward to blatantly ignore the law and the will of the American people. Instead of working with Congress on immigration reform, the White House is proposing we allow certain illegal immigrants to avoid deportation under certain conditions, despite the fact the president claimed he could not legally do this without Congressional approval more than twenty times. President Obama knows what he’s doing is illegal, and I hope the Supreme Court will uphold the rule of law.

I was proud to support the amicus brief voted on in the House this week because I took an oath to support and defend our nation’s most sacred document, and it’s an oath I take very seriously. The President of the United States has a duty to uphold and faithfully execute the law, not to write new laws from the Oval Office, and we have to stop this dangerous overreach before it’s too late.

This also highlights how important the seat on the bench that is vacant because Justice Scalia’s death is. So many of the president’s controversial actions will be held up in the courts for years to come, and if President Obama nominates the next justice to serve on the Supreme Court, we cannot ensure the rule of law will be upheld by his appointee. While I don’t get a vote on the new justice in the House of Representatives, I strongly believe the next president should nominate a new justice.

You can rest assured I will always fight to stop executive overreach and protect our Constitution as long as I have the honor of serving you in Congress. We live in the best country in the world, and I won’t let anyone – including the President of the United States – trample on the system of checks and balances clearly laid out in the Constitution.

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