Congressman Phil Roe – President Obama Should Present a Real Plan to Defeat ISIS

Congressman Phil Roe – President Obama Should Present a Real Plan to Defeat ISIS


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President Obama Should Present a Real Plan to Defeat ISIS

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On March 22, radical Islamic terrorists struck Brussels, Belgium. My thoughts and prayers are with the Belgians as well as the people of all nations who have been affected by cowardly acts of terror. Too often we’ve seen terrorists strike, and it always shakes us to our core, but the attack in Brussels hit especially close to home. The cowards who carried out these attacks robbed a young Tennessee native and his bride of their lives, and while we were still struggling to comprehend these heinous crimes, terrorists struck again in Lahore, Pakistan – this time targeting Christian families in a park on Easter Sunday.

While two different terrorist organizations claimed responsibility for the attacks in Belgium and Pakistan, it’s clearer than ever that Islamic extremism is a critical problem around the world that must be addressed. The United States must lead the world and band together with all free nations, particularly our NATO allies who have been attacked, to defeat the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations who pose a threat to our democratic societies.

I’ve long called on President Obama to release a strategic plan to defeat ISIS, and also supported the National Defense Authorization Act which included a provision that required the president to submit a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS to Congress. On March 24, the Obama administration quietly released their “plan” which is simply seven pages of talking points to justify more of the same failed strategy. The simple truth is that terrorism will continue to rear its ugly head until we stop this evil in its tracks, and it’s painfully clear the tactics we’re using aren’t enough to do that.

If the U.S. continues to ignore the threat that radical extremists pose to us at home and abroad – particularly ISIS, which President Obama has referred to as the JV – these organizations will continue to grow, meaning we’ll continue to see bloodshed from innocent victims. On our current path, the question is not if we’ll see other acts of terrorism at home and abroad, it’s when. Our intelligence, law enforcement and military communities are working tirelessly to keep us safe, and I can’t thank them enough for all they do, but the President’s plan is severely lacking if we expect to defeat this evil.

As I’ve said time and time again, with matters related to war and peace, there are no easy answers. The Western world is at war with ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism, and we must step up to lead and assist our NATO allies in this war. The only way to stop ISIS and other terrorist organizations is to eliminate them, and I hope the president will present a real plan to Congress to get this done. Otherwise, this cancer will continue to spread around the world.

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