Congressman Tom Emmer – unimaginable terror struck Orlando

Congressman Tom Emmer –  unimaginable terror struck Orlando

Dear Friend,

In the early hours of Sunday morning, unimaginable terror struck Orlando. People celebrating life were senselessly murdered for no reason, other than hate and intolerance.

It has been more than a decade since the war on terror first began and today we are still engaged in this difficult fight. Unfortunately, the current Administration fails to fully acknowledge the grave danger in our path, and remains incapable of naming one of the biggest threats faced by the American people: Radical Islamic Terrorism.

I promise my constituents and every American, that my priority here will be to protect our great nation, and avenge those who we have lost to this violence.

Provide for the Common Defense

In order to protect our nation, it is crucial we focus on defense – and this week we did just that. On Thursday, we passed the Defense Appropriations Bill which will provide a strong national defense and safeguard our nation’s security.

This vital legislation provides $209 billion in funding to preserve our troop readiness programs that make certain American troops are fully prepared. Additionally, this bill provides the funding to not only continue the war on terrorism, but for us to win the war on terror.

In order to learn more about this vital legislation, click here to watch my Ask Tom video.

The Lasting Legacy of Earl Potter

On Monday night, St. Cloud State University President Earl Potter tragically passed away in a car accident. Earl passionately worked for the University he represented, the students he served, and the community in which he lived. In this time of deep sorrow, it is vital that we remember this great man and his many accomplishments, which is why I spoke on the House Floor Tuesday morning to pay tribute to his life and lasting legacy. To watch my speech, click here.

Sherburne Town Hall

This morning I held my first town hall of 2016. It was a great event and I thank everyone who came out to ask me questions and voice their concerns. I was elected by the good people of Minnesota’s Sixth District, so it is my job to remain accountable, transparent, and most importantly—accessible. Click below to see more pictures from today.

If you missed this town hall, never fear! This year I will once again be holding a town hall in every county within the district. Be sure to check out the town hall portion of my website to stay updated on an upcoming event near you!

Once again, thanks again for keeping up to date on the work I am doing both in Washington D.C. and in Minnesota. Until next week…

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