Donald Trump I want an answer

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Donald Trump I want an answer

I have been unrelenting in my support of Donald Trump throughout this US Presidential campaign, particularly in the last few months. Generally, I am able to dismiss criticism of Trump reasonably well, as to say the least it is a common occurrence. However, there is growing speculation, of the existence of an off the record tape, containing conversation between Trump and the New York Times. Reportedly, the conversations entail a far different Trump to what we have witnessed throughout the campaign, as it alleged he advocated for a more lenient stance on immigration, and raised doubts over previous proposals to deport illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump Secretly Told The New York Times What He Really Thinks About Immigration

The details? Release the transcript. UPDATE: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have called on Trump to ask for the tape to be released.

If this tape is a mythical fabrication, I have no issue. However, for me to continue my support of Donald Trump, I want an answer on this issue. Trump’s plans on immigration are a hallmark of his campaign, and so if these accusations are to be proved true, or are not publicly dismissed/ disproven by Trump, in my opinion, all previously held credibility is diminished.

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