Erick Erickson on Religious Liberty – Paypal and other businesses

Erick Erickson on Religious Liberty – Paypal and other businesses


The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson talks to The Daily Signal about religious liberty, Hollywood values, bathroom laws, and why the coziness of big business with big government is causing problems for conservatives.


/ / / / 0:05 / Eric thank you for talking with us Thanks revenues you have a new book out / 0:09 / and it’s called you will be made to care and so timely right now because it’s all / 0:14 / about basically the whole pie for religious liberty we’re seeing what’s / 0:17 / happening in mississippi what’s happenin George what’s happening North Carolina / 0:20 / make of all these state taking up the individual religious freedom / 0:24 / measures it it’s interesting to me that I think the left has overreached when / 0:30 / you pull people on religious liberty should someone be force into providing / 0:34 / goods and services for same-sex wedding or should mean be able to use the / 0:38 / women’s bathroom overwhelmingly people say no and the leftist continue to push / 0:43 / these issues I think it’s gonna actually one of many badly for them politically / 0:47 / but right now republicans are getting bullied by Hollywood film companies and / 0:51 / major corporations and their listing to the money not the voters plus so / 0:55 / mississippi just passed along the governor signed even though people have / 0:58 / been threatening them to pull up business in like this are standing firm / 1:01 / in Georgia your home state / 1:03 / nathan Deal the governor wouldn’t go along why did he backed down and aided / 1:09 / by businesses particularly hollywood corporations essentially say we want you / 1:12 / to follow Hollywood values not your state’s values and so he vetoed it he’s / 1:17 / attracted a lot of businesses into the stadium he got scared and frankly he got / 1:21 / overwhelmed by a corporate interests and there really wasn’t a strong presence of / 1:26 / consumers so he decided they just assumed he would go to North Carolina / 1:31 / its same scenario going on but this is not this is not over a same-sex marriage / 1:34 / thing this is over basically bathroom rules whether or not men can use women’s / 1:38 / bathrooms and transgenders in the white government they’re they’re standing firm / 1:42 / but you’ve got companies threatening to pull out pull off you know it’s / 1:45 / interesting so it started over Charlotte North Carolina which over reach the / 1:49 / stately the city municipal legislature applying it to religious organizations / 1:55 / and non-profits that was where the real overreach was and so the state rebuke / 2:00 / them said you can’t do this min can’t use the women’s bathroom it was / 2:04 / overwhelmingly popular with the voters but not with corporations PayPal for / 2:07 / example has pulled out of an expansion in Charlotte North Carolina / 2:11 / they’re pulling out of the expansion they’re not just shutting everything / 2:13 / down thrice-weekly and it’s really ironic with PayPal because they were / 2:17 / just 7.7 million dollars for allegedly processing payments for a terrorist / 2:23 / tried to procure nuclear weapons tech they process payments for Iranian Sudan / 2:27 / Sudanese cubans they do business in China and Singapore with great human / 2:32 / rights / 2:34 / Apocrypha with these companies that do business in places it i mean talk about / 2:38 / the way they treat gay people yes they put them to death in many cases they’re / 2:43 / doing business in countries like that but yet they won’t do business in a / 2:46 / state that allow same-sex marriage was all 50 states have it now / 2:50 / was just saying we’re not going to force a church for example to have to go to / 2:53 / the wedding makes one of the companies complain about North Carolina is / 2:57 / expanding in Malaysia’s Prime Minister just compared gay people to Isis but / 3:01 / they don’t want to go to North Carolina in it is people forget that a lot of / 3:05 / these major corporations are steered by people who are culturally up the left / 3:09 / they may do business in North Carolina Georgia Texas wherever but ideologically / 3:14 / at the upper ranks of these companies they’re not conservative big business in / 3:18 / conservatism really / 3:19 / incompatible these days from an economic standpoint in a cultural standpoint big / 3:23 / business depends on government now to keep their competition down and it / 3:28 / becomes more and more culturally compatible but people are seen it / 3:31 / small businesses in Georgia supported the legislation it was the Fortune 500 / 3:35 / companies that don’t even have their corporate headquarters in Georgia that / 3:37 / opposed it so besides some people to get the book you will be made to care what / 3:42 / would you advise people who are concerned about this issue of religious / 3:45 / liberty / 3:45 / one of the things that I’ve seen what we wrote about in the book in in the reason / 3:49 / we called him he will be made with the left is trying to do is isolate / 3:52 / conservatives tell them they’re alone no one agrees with you and in particular / 3:55 / targeting your children that your mom and dad or are outmoded they’re freaks / 3:59 / that what they believe no one else believes the number one step by the / 4:02 / Conservatives have to do piggly people of faith is they’ve got to be willing to / 4:06 / invite people in their house around the kitchen table have dinner together / 4:09 / surround yourself with like-minded believers so your children realize that / 4:13 / your ideas are not noted there are lots of people who agree with mom and dad / 4:17 / it’s okay for me to believe this and stop the isolation from the left the / 4:22 / other thing is elections do matter and chanting conservatives who are willing / 4:26 / to stand up on these issues and not hostile east end up on these issues but / 4:30 / to make sure that I do have a world view that’s his mentor minute / 4:34 / women are women and that’s how God made us and we’re not going to change all / 4:38 / right thank you martin by some smart and pretty much

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