Hold the lobster: This New York legislator wants to prevent “luxury” purchases with food stamps

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Feb. 26, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where lawmakers confronting illegal immigration have a new target: the tens of billions of dollars sent home each year by workers who are here unlawfully. Josh Siegel counts the cost. Speaking of work, Heritage Foundation economist Paul Winfree explains why “universal basic income” would be bad for employment. And another state considers cracking down on the use of food stamps to buy New York strip steak and other “luxury” eats.

Hold the lobster: This New York legislator wants to prevent “luxury” purchases with food stamps. State Sen. Patty Ritchie, R-Oswegatchie, introduced legislation that would impose restrictions on enrollees in New York’s food stamps program to ensure they purchase only food and beverages deemed “essential,” reports The Daily Signal’s Natalie Johnson.
A universal basic income is anti-work. The policy challenge is not to find a more equitable way to distribute national income, but rather to support opportunity and a strong civil society through work, argues The Heritage Foundation’s Paul Winfree.
The challenge of tracking money sent to other countries from illegal immigrants. While developing countries such as Mexico, India, and the Philippines have come to depend on these funds as a steady source of incoming money and a boon to their economies, some politicians are seeking to limit remittances as a way to discourage illegal immigration and to punish people already living here illegally who seek to send their wages to family overseas.
What we’re reading: The conservative House Freedom Caucus has a new executive director. Justin Ouimette was serving as the group’s policy director until his promotion this week. With the budget fight brewing on Capitol Hill, the Freedom Caucus is expected to play a key role in the outcome. Politico’s Lauren French has more.

When Stephen Mills learned that the local Sheriff’s Department had seized his truck back in 2010, he figured it would be a matter of days before police returned the vehicle to him and his wife. He was wrong. The Daily Signal’s Melissa Quinn traveled to Oklahoma to get the story. Watch the trailer today, and read the feature story Sunday night.
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