Pamela Geller – HORROR AUDIO: Chilling PARIS ATTACKS recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS JIHADIS storm theatre


Pamela Geller – HORROR AUDIO: Chilling PARIS ATTACKS recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS JIHADIS storm theatre

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HORROR AUDIO: Chilling PARIS ATTACKS recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS JIHADIS storm theatre

Savages for Allah.

“Chilling Bataclan audio recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS killers storm theatre,” By Tom Batchelor, The Express, April 15, 2016:

A DISTURBING recording from inside Paris’ Bataclan theatre has revealed for the first time the chilling exchange of words between the Islamic State killers and their helpless victims.

A dictaphone recovered from the bloody scene, where 90 innocent concert-goers were callously massacred, contains two-and-a-half-hours of audio material, capturing orders given by the gunmen and desperate pleas from the victims.

In the background, all that can be heard is the relentless hum of bullets being fired.

At one point, the terrorist attacker shouts, “the moment of revenge…

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Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants

Boom. There it is. Policy failure after policy failure, and still the political and leftist elites hit bottom and keep digging. Their de-radicalization programs are a farce. How can you de-radicalize if you ban discussion of the ideology and religious motivation these savages are radical about? Insanity.

Terror Attacks Since 9/11

How about once, just once, we approach it with the understanding that it is Islam and it is a religious war? This moronic experiment is an abject failure. 15 years after 9/11 and over 28,000 deadly Islamic attacks since — it’s time to face reality.


“Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants,” By Oliver Lane, Breitbart, April 15, 2016:

The Syrian-origin Swedish…

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Angela Merkel ENFORCES ISLAMIC LAW, Agrees To Prosecution Of “Erdogan Poem” Comedian

Stasi-style sharia enforcement in Merkelistan. This woman is adopting Hitlerian policies. He, too, restricted speech and enforced it much the way Merkel is, i.e. strong-armed Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to censor posts critical of the migrant invasion. That Zuckerberg did it shows what a vacuous meathead he is.

Merkel has gone off the rails. Civil war is coming.

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced.

Putting up with being offended is essential in a pluralistic society in which people differ on basic truths. If a group will not bear being offended without resorting to violence, that group will rule unopposed while everyone else lives in fear,…

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The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab

Everywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is American law that must give way. If such an exception is made, it would be a travesty. Never in its illustrious nearly 175-year history has the school ever granted a religious, or other, accommodation that resulted in a change to the uniform. This would be a first — for Islam. Now, that’s rich. The irony is not lost on me, or you, I am sure.

The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab,” By Susan Svrluga, Washington Post, April 14, 2016:

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VIDEO Pamela Geller, One America News Network: Obama’s Surge of Muslim Migrants into US

I appeared on One America News Network last night to discuss Obama’s surge of Muslim “Syrian refugees” into the US.

The overwhelming majority of the refugees who have been admitted are Muslim. Yet the real victims — the real refugees in Syria — are largely Christian. Obama has a clear preference for the Muslim refugees.
There is no way to vet these refugees. Records in many cases don’t exist — and ISIS doesn’t recruit people with criminal records.
ISIS has threatened to flood Europe with 500,000 refugees. To bring these people in is civilizational suicide.
Last February, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. And the Lebanese…

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“What is happening in the Middle East will happen in Europe”

It’s already happening in Europe, and it’s going to get much worse. But most of Isa Gürbüz’s fellow bishops in the West are too busy holding “dialogue” with Islamic supremacists, and silencing voices that speak about the way Isa Gürbüz does here, to take notice.

Isa Gürbüz

“‘What is happening in the Middle East will happen in Europe,’” translated from «Was im Nahen Osten geschieht, wird auch in Europa passieren», Tages Anzeiger, April 14, 2016 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Isa Gürbüz, the Syrian Orthodox Church leader in Switzerland, calls Christians to be vigilant. The agenda of Islam is to take power.

“In 20 or 30 years there will be a Muslim majority in Europe. Half of European women will…

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Muslim in Uganda Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Attacks, Threatens to Kill Wife for Becoming Christian

Time for world leaders to admonish us again about islamofauxbia.


“Muslim in Uganda Attacks, Threatens to Kill Wife for Becoming Christian,” Morning Star News, April 12, 2016:

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – A Muslim in eastern Uganda who last week attacked his wife for becoming a Christian had told a judge that Islam allows him to kill any apostate, sources said.

Having moved to another village with their four children following an attack last year, Ntende Hawa, 38, said she was visiting her estranged husband to discuss child support on April 4. Her husband, Dapharah Mumpi, was living at the couple’s home with his younger brother in Kachomo village in Budaka District, about 130 miles northeast of Kampala.


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Pakistan concerned not about rise of jihad terror, but about “Islamophobia” in the West

If Pakistan really opposed jihad terror, as it claims to, it would be voicing “deep concerns” about what is being taught in mosques and madrasas in the West, and calling upon Muslims to reform Islam and expunge the Quran of violence, misogyny, Jew-hatred, and the like. Instead, more victimhood posturing.

Sartaj Aziz

“Pakistan concerned at rising Islamophobia in the West, Express Tribune, April 13, 2016:

Amid growing Islamophobia in the west, Pakistan has voiced deep concerns at what it called a “sharp rise in hate speech, discriminatory acts and social hostility against Muslims”, particularly in the countries where they are in minority.

“We are also witnessing an increase in instances of physical and psychological violence…

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