PowerLine – Romney will back Cruz; so should we all

PowerLine – Romney will back Cruz; so should we all


Yes, my brackets were busted a long time ago. Except everyone keeps calling them “lanes.”  A Cinderella force has taken down the favorites. Oh, you thought I was talking about college basketball? Nope: the GOP presidential primaries are the real March Madness this year. And instead of candidates staying in “lanes”—the pundit/analyst class concept of this cycle—it’s been more like a demolition derby crashed by a monster truck going the wrong way. Look out Grave Digger! Here comes Monster Trump!

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Trump Hands copy

Pink Flloyd will pay

Forrest Trump

Lincoln No Trump

Trump RINO

Reagan Nixon

Cruz Ribbit

Pre-Shredded Cheese

Harry Reid liar

Liberal Latinophobes

Berning ManBernie Sign

No Lose Libya copy


Crime Baltimore

Conservatives and Guns


Scotch Monoxide

Irish Yoga

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Storm Trooper Arrest


Come to University

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Only one Barney

And finally. . . from the IDF files:

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Until Now, the Only Goats In Minnesota Were Field Goal Kickers

Posted: 18 Mar 2016 11:31 PM PDT

(John Hinderaker)

How do they control weeds in Minneapolis parks? Mostly, they don’t: park employees just mow them along with the grass. But for some invasive species, the city has been using Roundup, the world’s most common herbicide. Anti-herbicide activists don’t like that, and they showed up in force at a recent Park Board meeting to demand alternatives:

The Minneapolis Park Board is considering two new tactics in the battle against weeds and invasive species — less pesticide in neighborhood parks and, where there’s room to roam, goats. …

The plans were termed a “small victory” by one leader among several dozen anti-pesticide activists who packed Wednesday’s board meeting to press for a ban. But Russ Henry, a potential Park Board candidate, said the activists’ goal is to eliminate further use of pesticides and convert to organically managed parks. …

“Transition to organic parks, or we will work to elect commissioners who will,” Henry said.

“Organic parks” may include the use of goats as weed-eaters:

A switch to goats isn’t a cure-all, according to one who has used them. Tim Reese, farm manager at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, part of Three Rivers, said goats require good fencing, human oversight, predator protection and lots of follow-up.

If goats are fenced in, does that mean that people are fenced out? Or are visitors to the parks expected to mingle peaceably with the goats? Do members of the Park Board have much experience with goats? I suspect not.

Reese emphasized that goats were only a starting point in the farm’s goal of converting a small acreage to a woodland pasture. Repeated grazing by goats knocked back the invasive vegetation, but pigs were used to feed on the following year’s regrowth.

So are Minneapolis parks to be turned into barnyards, basically? To avoid using Roundup?

People also removed stems before the area was seeded in native grasses suitable under oak trees. Sheep and cattle still graze the plot to assure that invasives don’t return.

Sounds like a practical solution as long as they aren’t talking about, say, baseball diamonds.

Erwin wants to try the goats, something Minneapolis Park Board commissioners Brad Bourn and Annie Young long have favored, in areas of the park system more beset by invasive species and somewhat buffered from nearby residents. The goats would be fenced in.

If that means people are fenced out, what’s the point? If people are denied access, they might as well use herbicides, or flamethrowers, or whatever to control the buckthorn.

It turns out there is one more obstacle standing between the Minneapolis Park Board and a herd of goats: goats are illegal in Minneapolis.

One place he has suggested is near the intersection of Wirth Parkway and Glenwood Avenue in Theodore Wirth Park, where tree cover was lost to a 2011 tornado, allowing buckthorn to flourish. That area also has the advantage of being outside the city limits. Current city ordinance generally excludes hoofed animals, but Erwin said some in City Hall are willing to amend that.

No doubt the unintended consequences of loosing hoofed animals in Minneapolis’s parks would be few. It’s just another day in the life of one of America’s loonier cities.


Romney will back Cruz; so should we all

Posted: 18 Mar 2016 06:28 PM PDT

(Paul Mirengoff)

Mitt Romney has announced that he will support Ted Cruz in next week’s Utah caucuses. Romney explained that supporting Cruz is the only effective way to prevent Donald Trump from winning the nomination:

The only path that remains to nominate a Republican rather than Mr. Trump is to have an open convention. At this stage, the only way we can reach an open convention is for Senator Cruz to be successful in as many of the remaining nominating elections as possible.

I like Governor John Kasich. I have campaigned with him. He has a solid record as governor. I would have voted for him in Ohio. But a vote for Governor Kasich in future contests makes it extremely likely that Trumpism would prevail.

Romney is right. Kasich is a no-hoper, except perhaps when it comes to the vice presidential nomination on a Trump ticket (and I don’t even like his chances for that). From a stop-Trump perspective, the small number of delegates he may collect going forward is offset by the barrier he poses to Cruz’s more realistic quest to win a substantial number of delegates.

Sean Trende writes:

Under a scenario [with Kasich staying in the race], Trump wins 1,296 delegates and clinches the nomination on the last day of primary voting. Under [a] Kasich-less scenario, however, Trump has 1,125 delegates, while Cruz collects 899.

Given that under the second scenario, Cruz rattles off a string of wins at the end, and given the fact that Rubio’s and Kasich’s 300 delegates would probably disproportionately gravitate toward Cruz, this would likely be enough deny Trump the nomination.

Trende’s scenarios can be questioned when it comes to precise delegate counts. However, his view that a Kasich-free scenario is more conducive than a three-man race to stopping the tycoon seems entirely sound.

Kasich himself struggles to identify states where he poses a credible threat to Trump. I have heard him cite Maryland, where I live. Yet, a Baltimore Sun poll shows him running a distant third. Trump leads with 34 percent and Cruz is next with 25 percent. Kasich has only 18 percent.

Now consider Utah. According to Dave Weigel of the Washington Post, Kasich, who has several important endorsements, probably “can only hurt Cruz” there.

Given how poorly Trump has done with Mormon voters, Cruz is thought to have a shot at winning all 40 Utah delegates. However, to achieve this, he must win more than 50 percent of the vote. Kasich is thought to pose a serious obstacle to achieving that level of support.

Stopping Trump isn’t the only reason for conservatives to rally around Cruz. In my opinion, he Cruz always been the truest conservative candidate in the race. Now, with Ben Carson and Marco Rubio gone, I consider Cruz the only strongly conservative candidate remaining.

John Kasich has been, as Romney says, a good governor of Ohio. If the race were between him and Trump, I like to think that I’d walk barefoot over hot coals to see Kasich nominated.

But Kasich is a man of the center-right, not a strong conservative. This must be clear to anyone who has watched the debates.

Because he’s substantially less conservative than Cruz, Kasich may be more electable in November. But he has no path to the nomination — the best he can do is help clear Trump’s. Thus, even for conservatives who put the highest premium on electability, there is no good reason to support Kasich.

Rumor has it that Rubio is set to endorse the Texan, but Rubio’s backers should not wait for this to happen. It’s time — in fact, it’s past time — for conservatives to rally behind Ted Cruz.

You can contribute to the Cruz campaign here. I just did.

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