PowerLine – Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose

PowerLine – Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose

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PowerLine Daily digest – Old Guard Audio.com

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No Wonder Sandernistas Want Free Stuff

Posted: 03 Jun 2016 03:25 PM PDT

(Steven Hayward)Turns out a lot of Sanders supporters really need a lot of free stuff. Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for producing this chart, which shows that over a quarter of Sanders donors are not working:

Sanders Donors copy

Meanwhile, MSNBC is running the following ad starting tomorrow on conservative websites:

MSBNC ad copy

Sorry, but that lineup is one-for-six on having “conservatives” that most conservatives care  about, if in fact they don’t deserve exile (that would be you Mike Murphy and Nicole Wallace). Only Hugh Hewitt is someone worth listening to. Now, if MSNBC added Mark Steyn to its lineup, they’d get double the ratings of Fox News overnight. But then they’d have to haul Chris Matthews away in a straightjacket.

Next, the laugh of the day comes courtesy of Paul Krugman, who actually writes in his column today: “At this point Donald Trump’s personality endangers the whole planet.” Man, that is some personality! More powerful than a nuclear arsenal! The Donald—now the equivalent of 5000 megatons of TNT.

Finally, if you’d like to send an e-card wishing Donald Trump a happy birthday, the NRSC het set it up for you right here.

Hannity surges on Trump’s coattails

Posted: 03 Jun 2016 02:56 PM PDT

(Paul Mirengoff)I haven’t watched a minute of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program since he went in the tank for Donald Trump. I rarely watched him before that.

I haven’t been missed. According to Steve Guest of the Daily Caller, Hannity has enjoyed a ratings surge.

Guest says that Hannity in now number two at Fox News, ahead of Megyn Kelly, whom Trump has trashed. From the numbers Guest cites, it’s not clear to mew that Hannity is ahead of Kelly; it looks like he’s ahead with the key 25-54 demographic, but not overall. However, there’s no doubt that he has done quite well ratings-wise of late.

There was a time when Hannity would blast center-right figures who deviated from conservative orthodoxy. So it’s strange to find playing him the role of chief media apologist for Donald Trump, who is anything but an orthodox conservative. It’s working well for Hannity, though.

If Trump is elected president, Hannity may become must watch television. The affronts to conservatism he will have to swallow and the gymnastics he will need to perform to defend them should be something to behold.

“Minnesota men” go to trial: The jury returns

Posted: 03 Jun 2016 01:05 PM PDT

(Scott Johnson)At 1:30 this afternoon the jury delivered its verdict in the case of the three “Minnesota men” charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS and conspiracy to commit murder overseas. The jury found the three men guilty on all counts with the exception of one perjury charge against Abdirahman Daud. (Daud gave a Clintonian response to an inartfully asked question before the grand jury. The Clintonian approach earned him an acquittal on that count.)

Congratulations are due to United States Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger and to Assistant United States Attorneys Andrew Winter, John Docherty and Julie Allyn, who did the hard work of prosecuting the case. They did a good job.

Congratulations and thanks are due as well to the law enforcement officers who investigated the case. These are mostly FBI special agents who worked with the assistance of local members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. FBI Special Agents John Thomas and Daniel Higgins attended trial every day to help the prosecutors. Many other law enforcement officers who worked on the case also attended the trial out of uniform. There won’t be any demonstrations outside the courthouse in support of law enforcement, but there should be.


Judge Michael Davis presided at the trial. That’s Judge Davis in the photo at the right. I have known him professionally for a long time, going back to his days as a state court judge. I have always liked and respected him, but I grew to admire him greatly through this trial. He made sufficient room for media in the courtroom and set generous ground rules allowing us to work inside it. Together with the United States Marshals on hand, he maintained order in and around the courtroom. He kept the trial on track. He treated all parties with respect. He brooked no nonsense. He assured defendants a fair trial.

Consistent with the evidence before it, the jury returned a true verdict. The three defendants were proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the offenses charged, with the exception of the perjury count against Daud. Defendant Guled Omar testified on his own behalf and showed that he couldn’t talk his way out of this fix. Defendants Abdirahman Daud and Mohamaed Farah proved that silence was unavailing as well. The evidence against them was overwhelming.

It has been my goal in this series to note the evidence of interest in an important terrorism case raising issues of general concern and to allow readers who have followed along to understand the outcome. I hope those of you who have taken the long ride with me found it worth your time.

UPDATE: Star Tribune reporter Stephen Montemayor has a good account of events today here.

PC Scourge of the Week: Sexist Weather! [With Skeptical Comment by John]

Posted: 03 Jun 2016 09:17 AM PDT

(Steven Hayward)This is one of those days where parody and satire are impossible. From the Washington Post:

Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes because people don’t respect them, study finds

People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study.

Female-named storms have historically killed more because people neither consider them as risky nor take the same precautions, the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesconcludes.

Researchers at the University of Illinois and Arizona State University examined six decades of hurricane death rates according to gender, spanning  1950 and 2012.  Of the 47 most damaging hurricanes, the female-named hurricanes produced an average of 45 deaths compared to 23 deaths in male-named storms, or almost double the number of fatalities.

I thought maybe the Washington Post was tarting this up. But no. Here’s the headline and abstract of the actual study:

Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes

Do people judge hurricane risks in the context of gender-based expectations? We use more than six decades of death rates from US hurricanes to show that feminine-named hurricanes cause significantly more deaths than do masculine-named hurricanes. Laboratory experiments indicate that this is because hurricane names lead to gender-based expectations about severity and this, in turn, guides respondents’ preparedness to take protective action. This finding indicates an unfortunate and unintended consequence of the gendered naming of hurricanes, with important implications for policymakers, media practitioners, and the general public concerning hurricane communication and preparedness.

First, I can’t believe they got away with this plainly sexist headline. Second: the obvious public health move will be to name all future hurricanes after men. Long live the Patriarchal Low-Pressure Weather System!

Surely someone will find a way to blame this on cl—– ch—-.

JOHN adds: Wow, this is really…stupid. The authors say they studied “more than six decades” of hurricane data. That means they went back to the early to mid-1950s. The practice of giving hurricanes female names began in 1953, so I’m guessing that is when they started. But guess what–male names weren’t used until 1978 or 1979 (1979 for Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico hurricanes). And hurricanes, in general, used to kill more people than they do now, probably because of improved warnings and communications.

If you look at NOAA’s list of the 52 deadliest US hurricanes, you can see that eleven were between 1953 and 1978, all with female names, and only seven subsequent to 1978. Of these seven, three had female names, and four had male names. Of these recent hurricanes, one stands out–Hurricane Katrina, which killed around 1,200 people. The other six combined killed 204. So Katrina was responsible for around 86% of all fatalities during the 37 years when the weather service has used both male and female names. If Hurricane Katrina had been Hurricane Ken, one could say that male-named hurricanes are far more lethal than female-named hurricanes. No doubt that finding could have been squeezed into some liberal narrative, too.

As for the “laboratory experiments” that ostensibly prove people don’t take female hurricanes seriously, I would love to see videos of what these bozos did in the lab. We could all use a good laugh.

Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose

Posted: 03 Jun 2016 08:08 AM PDT

(John Hinderaker)When people refer to fascism, they generally mean “opinions I disagree with.” But the real thing, sadly, is not extinct. For the first time in our modern history, Brownshirts are on the march. As always, they are on the Left.

We have written (here and elsewhere) about liberal Democrats who have rioted at or after Donald Trump rallies. Last night in San Jose, liberals attacked Trump supporters in the most violent riot yet. It is hard to watch the videos without hearing echoes of the 1930s.

Here, a Trump supporter is viciously sucker-punched by a leftist. Note the Mexican flag; a common chant at anti-Trump riots in California is “make California Mexico again.”

These Trump supporters are bleeding and injured after being attacked by liberal Democrats:

Here, liberals surround and attack a young woman, throwing eggs and bottles at her:

Another violent attack on Trump supporters:


This compilation comes from the Wall Street Journal. Note the “We Need Socialism” sign; a Bernie Sanders supporter, apparently:

Anti-Trump rioters burn a U.S. flag:


Democrats also attacked Trump supporters’ cars as they left the rally:

Rioters battle with police:


Rioters burned American flags and waved Mexican flags. Are they trying to tell us something?


Anti-Trump liberals started a number of fist fights:

This Trump supporter has been knocked to the ground by leftists:


Another assault:


Remarkably, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have felt no obligation to distance themselves from the violence repeatedly perpetrated by their supporters. The party line in the liberal media is 1) these are just protests, nothing unusual here; and 2) to the extent there is violence, it is Trump’s fault for being controversial. That is their story, and so far they are sticking to it. At some point, though, the violence will be impossible to ignore, especially if Trump supporters begin defending themselves.

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