Senator John Cornyn American People Should Decide Future of Supreme Court

Senator John Cornyn: American People Should Decide Future of Supreme Court


Replacing Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court


With audio clips from; Charles Schumer, Harry Reed, and  Joe Biden.

Joe Biden: 

Biden argued, in part:

…it is my view that if a Supreme Court justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer, President Bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not — and not — name a nominee until after the November election is completed.

The Senate, too, Mr. President must consider how it would respond to a Supreme Court vacancy that would occur in the full throes of an election year. It is my view that if the President goes the way of Presidents [Millard] Fillmore and [Andrew] Johnson, and presses an election year nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over.

Biden also argued that it would be possible for the Supreme Court to operate without one of its members.

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