Senator Marco Rubio – I am devastated by this heartbreaking act of terrorism in Orlando

Senator Marco Rubio – I am devastated by this heartbreaking act of terrorism in Orlando

Marco Rubio NewsLetter Head - Old Guard Audio

Marco Rubio NewsLetter Head – Old Guard Audio

This week in the office of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio:

  • Marco shared the devastation and heartbreak following the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando. “I am devastated by this heartbreaking act of terrorism in Orlando,” Marco said. “Jeanette and I join all Floridians and all Americans in grieving for those who lost their lives and praying for those who were injured in this senseless act of hatred, violence and terror.” Read Marco’s full comments here.  
  • On Thursday, Marco visited Orlando to meet with first responders and pay respects to the victims of Sunday’s terrorist attack and their families. “Today, I joined President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senator Nelson and Representative Corrine Brown in Orlando to pay respect to those lives lost in last week’s senseless act of hatred and terror,” Marco said. “It is my honor to serve the people of Orlando, and I thank them for their response to such overwhelming hate and unimaginable loss. They have shown the world that even in the face of evil, good will always prevail.” Read more about the hope that Marco saw in Orlando here.  
  • In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in Orlando, Marco and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) urged the Obama Administration to reevaluate the Relative Risk Score Threat Level applied to the Orlando area so that it qualifies for funding under the Urban Area Security Initiative. “As Florida’s Senators, we share concerns that federal security and anti-terrorism resources have not adequately focused on Central Florida,” the senators wrote. Read more about Marco’s efforts to help Floridians here.
  • Marco and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) also urged the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide assistance to the small businesses in the Orlando area that have been closed off to the public in the aftermath of the Orlando attacks. “Local businesses in close proximity to the attack site have been closed off to the public since Sunday, causing economic damage in addition to the emotional anguish the community is already feeling,” the senators wrote.We ask that you look into your current authority to see if you can provide any assistance to these businesses, such as disaster loans.” Learn more about how Marco is helping Orlando heal here.  
  • Marco questioned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about its preparedness plan in the event of a locally transmitted Zika virus case in Florida. “Doctor Stevenson, I want to ask you, funding the 1.9 billion dollars, how important is this funding for the development of a vaccine, and what is the government’s role in the development of this vaccine which is ultimately what we all want to get to?” Marco asked . Watch the exchange here.  
  • Marco chaired a hearing titled, “Assessing the Coast Guard’s Increasing Duties: A Focus on Drug and Migrant Interdiction.” “When it comes to addressing the flow of migrants, my home state of Florida continues to be the state that needs the most resources,”  Marco said in his opening statement. “Search and rescue missions also represent a vital task of the Coast Guard. One only needs to turn on the news on many days in my home state to know that this is an apt description that their motto, ‘Semper Paratus’ means ‘Always Ready.’” Watch video of the hearing here.

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