Senator Marco Rubio – Marco questioned State Department officials regarding the Cuban migratory crisis

Senator Marco Rubio – Marco questioned State Department officials regarding the Cuban migratory crisis

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This week in the office of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio:Â

  • Marco continued his push for a vital Everglades restoration project. “ Thanks to the good work of Chairman Inhofe, of the Environmental and Public Works Committee, I expect the Central Everglades Planning Project to be included in the forthcoming water bill, which is slated to be marked up in committee next week,” Marco said. Watch Marco’s full remarks on the Everglades restoration project here
  • Marco urged the Senate to protect a critical Florida river basin. “I have long supported the role governors play in water allocation when the water in question greatly impacts multiple states,” Marco said. “I, along with the senior Senator from Florida and our colleagues from Alabama, have stood lockstep to bring our respective states to the table to finalize water allocations that will take into account our shared goals.” Watch Marco speak on the importance of protecting the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin and the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin here.
  • Marco demanded that the Department of Housing and Urban Development take action to improve living conditions for residents of Jacksonville’s Eureka Gardens. Watch Action News Jax’s report on Marco’s efforts to help Eureka Gardens’ residents here
  • Marco urged President Obama to make human rights a priority during the President’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia. “While I deeply value and think it is a very important alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia, this alliance cannot allow our country to turn a blind eye to human rights abuses. And I hope that we will take up this cause,” Marco said. Watch Marco reiterate the need for human rights to be a priority in U.S. – Saudi Arabia relations here
  • Marco questioned State Department officials regarding the Cuban migratory crisis currently unfolding in Central America. “Can you describe, first of all, the strains that this is placing on these countries, beyond just the Northern Triangle countries, the strains this is placing on Central America; is this not a very serious and growing problem that shows no signs of abatement?” Marco asked. Watch Marco press Obama administration officials on the Cuban migratory crisis here
  • Marco took to the Senate floor to prompt Puerto Rican leaders to take steps to confront its debt, and urged Congress to do its part. “So the leadership in San Juan has to show its willingness to get their fiscal house in order,” Marco said. “To help Puerto Rico, first and foremost, we need to do the same things necessary to help the rest of the United States. We need pro-growth and pro-family tax reform at the federal level.” Watch Marco’s speech on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis here.Â
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