Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan – March Photos | In Support of Israel

Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan – March Photos | In Support of Israel


Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House

9 Photos You (May Have) Missed from the Month of March

March 31, 2016  |  Caleb Smith  |  http://spkrryan.us/1RPBHTa

1. The Boy Scouts

Every year, the Boy Scouts of America present the speaker of the House with their Report to the Nation.  And this year, they came with a question too: “What’s up with the lights on the clocks around the U.S. Capitol?” Click here to find out Speaker Ryan’s answer.

Taking time with the Boy Scouts of America

2. Speakers Selfie

In a historic event at the U.S. Capitol, former-Speaker Newt Gingrich hosted a live Facebook Q&A to talk with current-Speaker Paul Ryan about House Republican’s Confident America agenda. The 35 minute discussion capped off with an epic #SpeakerSelfie with a group of 20 interns in attendance.

Speakers Selfie

3. The Capitol Dome Restoration Project

When the Prime Minister of Ireland made his annual visit to the Capitol in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day earlier this month, Speaker Ryan gave him an update on the progress of the dome restoration project.

Restoration of the Capitol Dome

4. St. Patrick’s Day

This is how a speaker with Irish roots celebrates an Irish holiday.

An Irish Holiday for an Irish Speaker

5. A Special Bill Signing with Speaker Ryan’s Children

It’s not every day that you get to sign your own bill to send to the president’s desk to become law, but that’s exactly what Speaker Ryan did when he signed this anti-poverty legislation with his two oldest children by his sides.

A Special Bill Signing with Speaker Ryan's Children

6. In Support of Israel

The speaker is a strong supporter of America’s ally, Israel. And when he spoke before an arena of 18,000 pro-Israel activists recently, he not only reaffirmed his opposition to the president’s terrible deal with Iran, he also announced his that his first overseas trip as speaker of the House will be to return to Israel.

Speaking before a crowd of 18,000

7. The Indy 500 Champion

Ryan Hunter-Reay, the 2014 champion of the Indianapolis 500, stopped by the U.S. Capitol with the trophy in tow.

Meeting the Indy 500 Champion

8.  Speech prep

Speaker Ryan has made it a mission of his speakership to raise Washington’s gaze and aim for a brighter future. Here, he prepares for a speech to talk about what that future looks like.

Speech preparation

9. The State of American Politics

In a speech before hundreds of millennials last week, Speaker Ryan reminded the leaders of tomorrow that politics can be a battle of ideas, not insults. Click here to watch or read the full speech, or if you’re pressed for time, here’s a 35 second version.

Hundreds of Millennials Gather for a Speech on the State of American Politics

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