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PowerLine | Obama nominates Judge Garland to Supreme Court | The Clueless Presidency

Galston’s column today, “The All-Spock-No-Kirk President” (here’s a Google portal for non-WSJ subscribers), is the rough equivalent of the old Fallows piece. Galston, who was a student of political philosophy with Allan Bloom among others, is clearly appalled by Obama’s naïvete, if you read carefully between the lines here (heh—an inside joke), especially the thought that Obama is a “Hobbesian optimist,” as revealed in the now notorious Jeffrey Goldberg interview from last week:

Fall of the house of Bush: how Jeb fell victim to hype, hysteria … and himself

After a campaign marked by debate-stage fights with Donald Trump and an ill-conceived attempt to ‘kill’ Marco Rubio ‘in his crib’, a political dynasty is over