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Discusses tax issues,

0:00speaking of bad dial then online senator

0:03that I’m great to be with you great to be with you man

0:07not thank you so much for calling in

0:10and a thank you so much for wanting to

0:14eliminate the IRS you driving me nuts

0:17well tehehe April 16 he is a day when a whole lot of folks can I move into a

0:23simple flat tax and just have blocking the IRS I think that is a powerful

0:28populist issue and then and today the day with its

0:30it on people’s minds well if you wanna talk about an issue and in here we are

0:35always talking about you know gay rights

0:39or immigration or whatever it is it

0:42that the transgendered community or something fine

0:46but that doesn’t impact the entire country

0:49and literally everyone this impacts hopefully

0:52literally everyone is born into this country some

0:56it is a good place to start in terms of

0:59policy I don’t in senator you tell me it seems weird when politicians get really

1:05caught up in nothing

1:06in their missing sir to the big picture whitewater

1:10times what politicians are trying to do is is distract

1:13the the voters with smoke and mirrors rat rather talk about the issues that

1:17the that really matter to their lives

1:19so what would you do and I always hear about the flat tax anarchist toughen

1:23of course we should everybody should champion this cause because the poor

1:28people are saying a man with tired average folk not paying their fair share

1:33even paying taxes can I tell you by the way

1:36senator as a rich folk I am devastated

1:39height throughout my entire life with poor people going well you know soon as

1:44you get Richie just by women on your right at all harming you don’t pay a

1:47penny to

1:48I get reamed for taxes quarterly like that’s not what she or four times a year

1:53ago I get

1:53I just get punished in public I’d had no idea that is where

1:57it was going to be like this well and and the sad reality is much much at the

2:03political rhetoric you here is just not true

2:06so for example that the democrats love the say that that that Republicans are

2:11the party of the rich

2:12but but here’s the truth of the matter the rich do just fine

2:16under big-government big business does fantastic under big government gets in

2:20bed with the government has armies of lawyers and lobbyists accountants

2:24the people are getting hammered at the people who are struggling right now

2:28today this is an astonishing statistic

2:30the top one percent the millionaires and billionaires as the president last a

2:34demagogue are a higher share our national income today than

2:38any year since 1928 the rich have done well

2:41her under big government but you know your camera yeah it hurts our hosting

2:45okay right

2:46it but but the people are getting hammered a young people there hispanics

2:51or african-americans are single moms are people who are struggling yeah

2:55to achieve the American dream that there are people like my dad who fifty seven

3:00years ago

3:00fled cuba with nothin couldn’t speak English at a hundred dollars in his


3:05and wash dishes make it fifty cents an hour those are the people get Hamburg

3:09right now

3:09what’s different back up versus then versus now

3:14versus your father’s America when he came here from cuba

3:18how do you get here from cuba but was ok but we all know they’re all you could do

3:22it back then you’re right before your

3:23yeah now he came legally came on a student visa

3:27he had fought in the cuban revolution actually fought with fidel castro

3:31on how he didn’t know castro the communist and another the kids fighting


3:36they just know batista was was a cruel an oppressive dictator

3:40woohoo and so him when he was a teenager batista’s star strom in prison and beat

3:46him halfway to death

3:47me what stalin just let me go to university Texas in 1957

3:51so what is what is different between your father’s America


3:56Andy I our American in 2015

3:59well you know if you look

4:02to american history in american economic history you can see it clear


4:06every time the federal government pursues the policies about to control

4:11spending and taxes and regulations the result is economic stagnation and misery

4:16in the lace the result is people who are struggling find it harder and harder to

4:20achieve the American dream

4:21on the flip side every time we pursue the policies have tax reform and

4:27regulatory reform

4:28lessening the burden of Washington upon hard working americans the result has

4:34been incredible economic growth that was true in the 1920s

4:37it was true in the nineteen sixties it was true in the 1980s

4:41what we’ve got to get back to you recycle all the young people right now

4:44are common at a school

4:46and they’re they’re up to their eyeballs in debt

4:49and they’re scared they gonna get a job I i gunna

4:53get you start getting skills towards a career that are they going to work part

4:56time as a barista at Starbucks

4:58we’ve got to get back to an environment environment like the environment my

5:02debts are the teenager come in on the inertia Texas

5:05where young people can come out and and have 2345 job opportunities begin

5:11building skills to build a career and the way you do that

5:14is getting Washington offer the back a small businesses so they can create jobs

5:19and opportunity so young people can have a better future

5:22well i kno especially living here in california and so many businesses fled


5:27your state of Texas peter has its

5:30it just becomes impossible way

5:33tell everyone the the Joel McHale

5:37you know I I don’t like to name drop senator but the

5:41Joel McHale friend of mine from the sioux cannot many movies I

5:44he bought a he’s not for he’s from Washington State

5:48I think it’s where you from buddy bought a house up in the Hollywood Hills

5:51and he knows I’m a former contractor and he said a

5:56am put the pool in the backyard I’m gonna put up all the backyard purchase a

5:59good luck

5:59in he should what do you mean and I said God

6:02as text msg in a few months tell me how that’s going and he got back to me and I

6:06and it came back a few months later night it has a pool go on a psych

6:10got damn and I should what he said soils report

6:13environmental impact report test in that

6:16he kept going to go to go in he said about I could afford

6:20a a four hundred thousand dollar pool in my backyard and I see what do you do in

6:25any said

6:26the kids use a neighbor there’s a gay couple it trust REIT these occasional

6:30and I said good the contractor doesn’t get to work the guy manufactures rebar

6:34damn good work and I met the guy night doesn’t get to work

6:37they poor man Mungo’s gonna be surveys show that Leo all week legally

6:41does not have a gag everyone’s lose-lose

6:44and why I drove Bryan Cranston near the airport he shouldn’t Breaking Bad New

6:48Mexico supposed to be in Riverside

6:50at not he’s leavin ever Borgo poor guys leaving it on everyone’s leaving one

6:55named so

6:56should we get some more regulation going I guess she can be glad that at least

7:01Cranston didn’t bring the Mexican drug cartel to hit up Riverside

7:05your hopes could government helping small business Ted Cruz you know what

7:09you guys can do especially in Texas

7:11is patent reform what is your what is your cuz you know that’s where all the

7:14iPad roles go take people to court

7:16could very fair offer them what is your take on that you know I think it is very

7:21important to do two things at the same time with regard to patent reform that

7:25that number one we need to limit abusive litigation and I have long been

7:29been an opponent of trial lawyers abusing the system to enrich

7:32rich themselves at the expense of job creators thank you

7:35up but I gotta say I do yes I i think it’s important to protect intellectual

7:40property and and and so you’ve gotta make sure that people were innovators

7:44people who are

7:45inventing in designing new technologies have the ability to protect their

7:50their IP and so it’s a balance in terms of how you reform anything you want to

7:53do both at the same time

7:55well where do you come down and

7:57than Wall well I’ll ask about taxes and we’ll let you know if your busy day

8:02researchers very hectic but I I I wanna know

8:05I feel senator that re

8:09make rules and then they get then they get away from us

8:12and we end up hurting ourselves with the rules it’s like

8:16you go through the airport is she the sixty

8:19eight-year-old elderly woman giving going through the metal detector having

8:24to be carried because I we can push your wheelchair through it and then at some

8:28point somebody else to take your shoes off

8:30and put them through the scanner that it’s like why we doing this to ourselves

8:35why yes there should be rules that protect

8:38innovation there shouldn’t be guys use hang their shingles

8:42in Lubbock Texas and show everybody around them

8:45to just get paid off have never got around to taking them to court

8:49why can we re it can we Twi’lek common sense

8:53start trickling back into the I the

8:57the land that is built on common sense well I i think we need to an end part of

9:03the problem is that the way Washington works right now

9:06is that Washington fundamentally broken that we’ve got a set a lot of times I

9:11think the biggest

9:12divide we have politically in this country he is not between Republicans

9:16and Democrats the biggest abide we’ve got is between career politicians in

9:20Washington and both parties

9:22and the american people and I think the central issue that’s going to be facing

9:26this country

9:27in 2016 in the elections is do you want washington playing a bigger and bigger


9:33in your life or or do you want more freedom more opportunity get back to the

9:38constitution and get Washington out of our life and part of the problem

9:43when legislation on patent reform or anything else comes up is right now the

9:46way washington resolves it

9:48it’s a battle the lobbyist whoever has the most lobbyists and up getting

9:52elected officials rushing

9:54to hand out special favors way to make government more or less and less

9:58relevant in our lives

10:00and have as much decision-making as possible being made

10:03by individual citizens by each of us

10:06rather than

10:07some un-elected bureaucrat in washington by concur

10:11and you know you got to Hillary Clinton on one side you got that jeb bush

10:16on the other I what do you think the tail

10:19I’ll look i the I like Jeb Bush I think it was a good governor in florida

10:25I I think people are gonna have to make a choice

10:29up whether they want to elect someone who’s gonna continue business as usual

10:35in Washington

10:35gonna continue to grow government grow but government spending and power and


10:39I or whether they’re gonna have someone who’s gonna stand with the people and

10:43and who’s willing to

10:45stand-up to both parties in Washington you know if you want someone to go along

10:50to get along

10:51hair a lot of choices Seattle Wash being one of them perhaps

10:56I’ll let the voters figure that out and an SS

11:00the record I V chip bars but but I’ll tell you in my time in the senate

11:03I what I’ve tried to do more than anything else is number one tell the

11:07truth a number to do what I said I would

11:10and and and for that reason you know when we launched our campaign for

11:14president three weeks ago

11:15the New York Times I explains that that

11:20crews cannot win because the washington elites despised

11:25to greatest compliment ever right as I got there there you go that’s the

11:29central point of our our campaign if you want the washington elites go with

11:33someone else but if you want to change things

11:35then we’ve gotta be willing to stand up and say this doesn’t make any sense this

11:40just in

11:40hitler Charles Manson not a fan of Ted hers how

11:44map I and I’m not you know that put that on a bumper sticker

11:48caterers .org is where you go for you wanna support that Ted

11:52I A wanna support at I love me some Ted Cruz and I i just finally when asked

11:57I’ve heard all about the flat tax I just don’t know how

12:02it would be implemented on what the rate would be and how it would work so could

12:06you coach me up just a little bit

12:07so happy I have laid out broad principles we have not yet rolled out a

12:13specific tax plan we’re developing it right now so we will be rolling it out

12:16in the country coming

12:18but but but what I said is we should have a simple flat tax it’s fair

12:22that let every american fill out his or her taxes on a postcard

12:26so it is sample rate that applies to everyone and

12:30which would enable us number one it would reduce

12:33hundreds of billions of dollars a compliance costs that the people are

12:37paying all across this country

12:39number two it will produce enormous economic growth

12:43but number three it would enable us to abolish the IRS to get government

12:49out of our lives in a very fundamental way and

12:53the most potent reason to support a flat tax is it reduces the power

12:57washington politicians right now where lobbyists in Washington focus the most

13:03is on special spat tax exemptions and loopholes are more words and the IRS

13:07Code today than there are in the Bible

13:08while a flat tax that applies to everyone

13:11that means politicians have less power to extract

13:16favors n to extort the private sector

13:19keeps power where it belongs with the american people as a very good no to go

13:24out on

13:25Ted Cruz .org is wary Gulf you wanna know anything about 10

13:30contributing find out about him very impressive background by the way

13:34very impressive story senator thank you very much for phoning in

13:38thank you my friend god bless you god bless you

13:41senator Ted Cruz everybody

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