The NBA threatening North Carolina is textbook cultural cronyism

The NBA threatening North Carolina is textbook cultural cronyism


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March 29, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the ability of U.S. intelligence to thwart terrorism is uppermost on many minds. Today, a former senior intelligence official recounts the history of limits on how the nation acts to protect itself. Ryan T. Anderson blows the whistle on the NBA and big business cronies for bullying North Carolina over who can use the girls’ restroom. And a proposal to go solar goes too far for the governor of Maine.

The NBA threatening North Carolina is textbook cultural cronyism. The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson writes that big business has stomped into another state, trying to impose the values of the cultural left.
Why this governor opposes a bipartisan bill to subsidize solar energy. Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, is fighting a bipartisan proposal designed to boost solar power development in the state by a factor of 12, arguing it would benefit only the wealthy, reports The Daily Signal’s Natalie Johnson.
What guides the U.S. intelligence community. All intelligence activities are to be conducted in a manner that intentionally constrains collection and dissemination of information on Americans, and those means of collection and dissemination are subject to significant oversight.
What we’re reading: The Washington Examiner reports that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “issued an executive order Monday banning state employees from using taxpayer funds to travel to North Carolina on nonessential work. The move is the latest political response to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s Friday approval of legislation by the N.C. state assembly that maintains, in instances of gender-specific bathrooms, individuals must use which is identified on his or her birth certificate.”

Americans nationwide have both praised and cursed the Affordable Care Act since federal and state-run insurance exchanges launched in October 2013. Here are five graphs charting Obamacare’s six-year history.
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