The Young Conservatives – It’s Time For the People to Be Heard!

Conservative Journal: It’s Time For the People to Be Heard!

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Young Conservative™
www­.youngconservative­.net – The time has come for the masses to stand up and be heard.  We have been pushed and prodded for too damn long and many are finally saying enough is enough and beginning to sound the alarm that real…
Supreme Court bans Judge Joe Brown from the bench
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Sandy Stewart
6abc­.com – Former television judge Joe Brown cannot practice law in Tennessee under an order from the state Supreme Court. According to The Commercial Appeal, the state’s highest court has placed Brown on dis…
The Supreme Court is moving left. Here’s why.
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conservativeread­.com – The U.S. Supreme Court’s strange 2015 term ended this week in a flurry of dysfunction on difficult issues (the inability to rule on President Barack Obama’s immigration orders), interspersed with p…
Is This Why Hillary Clinton Is Trusted By So Few Americans?
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Missy M.
www­.thedailybeast­.com – I’m willing to bet one of Bill Clinton’s speaking fees that he is absolutely sure there was nothing untoward about his half-hour meeting on a private jet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. C’mon,…
Clinton to campaign with communist Sen. Elizabeth Warren
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www­.trunews­.com – (Reuters) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will campaign for the first time with populist U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren in Ohio on Monday in an early move to neutralize Republican …

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