Weekly Republican Address- The blueprint for a bold, pro-growth agenda:

Weekly Republican Address- The blueprint for a bold, pro-growth agenda

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Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House

Weekly Republican Address: The Blueprint for a Bold, Pro-Growth Agenda


January 16, 2016 | VIEW ONLINE

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In this week’s Republican address, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) vows that Republicans will offer the American people a bold, pro-growth agenda in 2016 that addresses the big challenges facing our country. “This is nothing short of a generational defining moment,” Ryan says. “We see it as our duty here in the people’s House to offer real ideas, to tackle the real issues head on. We want a confident America. Now it’s time to get to work.”

As work begins on this agenda, here’s what you need to know:


House pledges bold election-year agenda, health plan. Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin pledged Friday that the House will produce a governing agenda by the time Republicans pick their presidential nominee later this year. ‘This is nothing short of a generational defining moment,’ Ryan told reporters as Republicans wrapped up their annual retreat here. Ryan said the House would produce plans in five areas: Health care; jobs and the economy; national security; poverty and opportunity; and constitutional authority.” (Associated Press

Congressional Republicans Want to Put Stamp on 2016. Paul Ryan has been explicit about his goal since taking over as House speaker: he wants to lay out a bold agenda of conservative policies in order to shape the presidential election.  … ‘The kind of agenda we’re talking about forming is what could we do if we had a Republican president, Ryan told reporters in a briefing Thursday afternoon. ‘What does 2017 look like if the election goes the way we hope it goes?’” (Real Clear Politics)

National security tops House GOP’s five-point agenda. House Republicans said Friday they’ll have a five-point agenda in place by the time a GOP presidential nominee is chosen, and say national security is at the top of the list. … Ryan said the legislative proposals for the agenda would be developed through the House committees and not by the GOP leadership.” (Washington Examiner)


“Ryan has made a point to make the words ‘bold, pro-growth agenda’ his new catchphrase in recent weeks, and he used the retreat as an opportunity to sketch out the five topics that are part of that agenda: National security — The No. 1 issue on people’s minds, according to a poll members saw in Baltimore, is national security… The economy — Republicans contend the economy isn’t reaching its potential and that wages are stagnant. Health care — Republicans still want to dismantle Obamacare and replace it with a more free-market approach. Poverty — ‘Right now we have a safety-net that is designed to catch people falling into poverty, when what we really need is a trampoline that gets people out of poverty,’ Ryan said. ‘Restoring the Constitution’ – Ryan argued on Friday that President Barack Obama’s executive actions had ‘damaged the people’s trust.’” (Huffington Post)

Five Places Paul Ryan Wants Republicans to Make a Mark in 2016. …the Wisconsin Republican fleshed out the ‘bold, pro-growth agenda’ he promised as he assumed the speakership in October and in a Library of Congress address in December. National Security. … The speaker said Republicans would take up the question of ‘building a 21st century military,’ one capable and equipped ‘to defeat ISIS and the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism.’ Jobs and Economic Growth. …  Health Care. A week after Obama vetoed a bill that would have gutted his signature health care law, Ryan renewed the Republican mantra of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.. Poverty and Opportunity. Ryan continued his push to win the 50-year-old ‘War on Poverty’ with conservative principles…Restoring the Constitution. … Taking aim at the president, Ryan said the ‘overreach’ that defined the past seven years of the Obama administration ‘has undermined the Constitution’ and ‘damaged the people’s trust.’” (The Daily Signal)

Ryan’s agenda includes five planks: National security; jobs and economic growth; health care; poverty and opportunity; and restoring the Constitution. … ‘These are the ideas we will be advancing,’ Ryan said. ‘We will work with our colleagues through our committee-led task forces — that means every member and their constituents will have the chance to provide their input.’” (POLITICO)


Ryan pushes GOP ‘bold’ agenda for 2016. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Saturday laid out key parts of a ‘bold’ agenda that he said House Republicans will put forward in the coming months. … ‘We’ve got a big job ahead of us, but this is nothing short of a generational defining moment,’ Ryan said. ‘Everything is at stake.’” (The Hill)

“House Speaker Paul Ryan outlined House Republicans’ platform for 2016 as the party wrapped up a three-day retreat in Baltimore today, promising a ‘complete agenda’ by the time they select a presidential nominee this summer. ‘The people of this country will know who we are and what we stand for when this is done, and they will be given a choice in 2016,’ Ryan said.” (ABC News)

Ryan touts five point plan to boost GOP in 2016. House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that House Republicans will roll out a five point agenda that will be released around the time the GOP coalesces around a presidential nominee. ‘This is nothing short of a generational defining moment we are in. The country is crying out for solutions. The country is crying out to be unified. The country is crying out for a positive vision that brings us all together,’ Ryan said after a two day retreat with members that wrapped up on Friday.” (CNN)


Paul Ryan: Congressional GOP will have full five-point agenda by ‘the time we have a nominee.’ … With a presidential primary that appears to be headed for several months of infighting, Ryan outlined five points in the party’s platform where House Republicans will try to place their mark…” (The Washington Post)

“The House will set up committee task forces to complete a policy agenda ‘by the time we have a nominee,’ Speaker Paul D. Ryan said during a brief news conference Friday afternoon after numerous policy sessions, some of them with Senate Republicans. … House Republicans seemed eager to get behind Mr. Ryan’s agenda and to try to reset the tone of the campaign.” (The New York Times)

“’We’ve been talking about how do we go on offense on ideas,’ Ryan said, describing a five-point to-do list of major issues to tackle before the party settles on a nominee. The ultimate aim: to define the Republican platform on national security, jobs and the economy, health care, poverty and opportunity, and restoring the Constitution.” (US News & World Report)


House GOP Leaves Retreat With a Plan. …House Re­pub­lic­ans an­nounced the broad out­lines of an elec­tion-year agenda, one they hope can hand their pres­id­en­tial nom­in­ee—who­ever that may be—a win­ning mes­sage. … Ry­an said he does not want to hand down policy from his lead­er­ship team and will in­stead con­vene sev­er­al task forces pop­u­lated by mem­bers from com­mit­tees of jur­is­dic­tion to dis­cuss each policy area and come up with ideas.” (National Journal)

Ryan’s 5-Point Plan to Promote the GOP. … Ryan said lawmakers, working across committees, would flesh out these broad ideas and bring proposals back to the GOP leadership. He declined to specify what form the agenda would take and whether the House will eventually vote on the ideas that members develop. ‘The point is the four of us aren’t going to predetermine everything,’ Ryan added. ‘That’s not the style we have here. So we’re going to do this together with our members.’” (Roll Call)

“‘The country is crying out for solutions, the country is crying out to be unified. The country is crying out for a positive vision that brings us all together,’ Mr. Ryan said. House and Senate Republicans used their retreat to brainstorm ideas that will offer voters a clear contrast to Mr. Obama’s agenda. … Mr. Ryan said the actual agenda is a work in progress, and that leadership will listen to feedback from the rank and file instead of dictating what has to get done.” (The Washington Times)

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