Congressman Marsha Blackburn ➳ when the government interferes with the private industry,

Congressman Marsha Blackburnwhen the government interferes with the private industry,

Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn -

Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn –

This Week from the district
Fellow Americans –

This week has been an extremely busy and productive one thanks to the August work period which affords me the much needed time to travel around the district. I was privileged to meet with constituents, small business owners, veterans, students, farm and agriculture industry leaders, health care professionals, and local and state officials across the seventh district.  I want to extend a big thank you to everyone for the hospitality as well as Rep Barry Doss, Sen Joey Hensley, and Sen Delores Gresham who joined me throughout the week.  We had healthy discussions regarding some of the concerns about what’s going on in Washington and I look forward to continue working on solutions.  I’d encourage everyone to take a look at myFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram to check out some of the photos if you haven’t already!

We all know that when the government interferes with the private industry, things usually take a turn for the worse. That’s been the case with Obamacare since day one and unfortunately, we got another reminder of that this week with the news that Aetna is pulling out of the exchanges in 11 states, including Tennessee. The “Affordable Care Act” (which is anything but affordable) is simply imploding. We must repeal it and replace it.  Read more about my across state linesproposal and how it would enable you to buy health insurance when you want it, where you want it, and at a price you can afford.

National security is the top concern for Americans right now and many of you reminded me of that this week.  Sadly, President Obama’s Administration once again ignored the will of the people and Congress by announcing that another 15 detainees were transferred out of Guantanamo Bay.  This is reckless and making the world less safe.

Have a great weekend,

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