Congressman Marsha Blackburn ? More Questions Surrounding The Clinton Foundation

Congressman Marsha Blackburn ? More Questions Surrounding The Clinton Foundation

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This Week From Washington
Fellow Americans-

A Victory In the Fight Against Online Ticket Scalpers

This week started off with some great news; on Monday, my colleagues in the House passed my legislation, The Better Online Ticket Sales Act.  I’ve been leading this bipartisan effort to crack down on scalpers who use computer-hacking software to buy up mass quantities of online tickets to various events, and then sell them at much higher prices.  People work hard and save money so that they can go to a concert or a football game, and they shouldn’t be punished with exorbitant ticket prices because a scalper beats them to the punch.  It just isn’t right.

More Questions Surrounding The Clinton Foundation
The Clinton Foundation has rightly come under scrutiny not only for its unusual business practices, but also for the appearance that charitable donations were given to the Foundation in exchange for political favors by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State.  Many questions regarding the Foundation remain unanswered and that is simply unacceptable. I’ve been looking into this issue since the spring of 2015 and I joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network this week to discuss. Watch below.

Obamacare’s Demise
Tennesseans know firsthand that a government-run approach to health care is the wrong one. We learned that the hard way in the 1990s with TennCare.  We were promised lower health care costs and more coverage.  Instead, the result was a program that nearly bankrupted the state within its first decade, reduced the quality of care, and collapsed under its own weight. I warned President Obama to learn from the policy failures of TennCare before moving ahead with Obamacare, but he refused to listen.  Read my op-ed in The Hill this week about why he might be regretting that decision now.

Update on the Select Panel
Many of you have been following the work of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, which I Chair.  The Panel was formed last year after disturbing videos were released that appeared to show the selling of fetal tissue for profit, which is against the law.  As an investigative body, we were tasked with taking a deeper look into the practices of the abortion industry.  So far, we have issued 36 subpoenas and are looking closely at the relationships between abortion clinics and tissue procurement organizations. I updated Lifezette’s Elisa Cipollone this week on the hard work being done.

Happy Constitution Day
The U.S. Constitution is one of our nation’s most important documents as it laid the foundation for our democracy. Today is the unofficial holiday of Constitution Day and to celebrate it, I spent the day talking with students from all over the seventh district discussing the great work our Founding Fathers did to ensure we are a free and prosperous country.

Have a great weekend and God bless!


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