Congressman Marsha Blackburn -> During our visit to Parliament we had a fruitful discussion regarding Brexit

Congressman Marsha Blackburn -> During our visit to Parliament we had a fruitful discussion regarding Brexit

This Week From Washington
Fellow Americans-

U.K. U.S Inter-Parliamentary
This week, I had the opportunity to participate in a U.K. US inter-parliamentary in London. I led our session on how we keep our cyber systems secure, protect our data and then share data between our intel agencies. We discussed my data security bill and legislation under consideration in the UK parliament. There is agreement that each of our countries need to preserve access to a free and open internet and that standards are necessary for data security.  We also need the tools to search out and punish the bad actors in the virtual space. As you can imagine, there were plenty of questions regarding the incoming and outgoing transition in administration and the interface for trade and geopolitical implications. And, as you can imagine, we had plenty of questions for them, regarding Brexit. View my proposed data security bill here.

During our visit to Parliament we had a fruitful discussion regarding Brexit and their process moving forward. We also discussed our hopes for bilateral trade agreements that would be productive for each of our economies.

The Ambassador welcomed us to his residence and was so pleased we arrived so soon after the election. Yes, our friends across the pond were filled with questions about the election and how we as a Congress plan to move forward next year.

On Sunday, we took time away from our meetings to recognize and remember the end of hostilities in WWI. We placed wreaths at the statues of President Roosevelt, President Eisenhower and President Reagan in Grosvenor Square and paid tribute to our veterans. I also took time to visit with one of our military families.

FOX 17 Connect to Congress
On Wednesday, I joined FOX 17 This Morning’s “Connect to Congress” segment to discuss the issues that are most important to Tennesseans. As Congress prepares for the next session, my Republican colleagues in the House and I have been working diligently on #ABetterWay, which is our vision for how to reduce the size, scope, and cost of the federal government.  Watch the video below.

CMT Subcommittee Hearing Disrupter Series: Self-Driving Cars
As the Vice Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I also serve on the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade. We held a hearing earlier this week on the topic of self-driving cars and their future in our country. With auto manufacturing comprising such a large segment of our economy, we were pleased so many of our constituents tuned in for this hearing. Check out my remarks below.

Interview with Graduate Candidate Captain Chad Lorenz
One of my favorite things is talking with students of all ages and levels of education. On Tuesday, I sat down with Captain Chad Lorenz who is a Georgetown graduate candidate and answered questions for one of his courses on life in public leadership. We discussed some of the challenges that exist in today’s environment and ways to be an effective public leader.


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