Congressman Tom Emmer – I join our nation in grieving the horrific attack in Nice.

Congressman Tom Emmer – I join our nation in grieving the horrific attack in Nice.

Dear Friend,

Today I join our nation in grieving the horrific attack in Nice. In the coming days, we must continue to stand in solidarity with our friend and ally France against radical Islamic terrorism.

Last year, in response to the deadly attacks by radical Islamic terrorists in the streets, restaurants, and clubs of Paris, I introduced a joint resolution declaring a state of war against the Islamic State. Since that introduction, we have seen numerous attacks, some right here on our own soil. This Administration has done nothing to prevent terrorist attacks and keep our citizens safe, and I am absolutely fed up. We have an obligation to act and the time has come for Congress to work with the President and grant him the ability to use all facets of our military to defeat our enemies.

Holding Iran Accountable

The President’s lack of national defense strategy is not just evident with the recent attacks but with his actions over the past seven years. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the disastrous Iran Deal, which has only emboldened Iran. That is why this week I was proud to vote in favor of three pieces of legislation that would prevent Iran from causing further harm in the future. On Wednesday, I voted in favor of the No 2H2O from Iran Act, which would prohibit the United States from sending millions of dollars to Iran to purchase heavy water. On Thursday, I voted in favor of the Iran Accountability Act, which would place new sanctions against Iran, and the United States Financial System Protection Act of 2016, which would prevent the Obama Administration from allowing Iran access to transactions involving the U.S. dollar.

Iran, as the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror, is destabilizing the entire region. They have continued their illegal ballistic missile program, taken ten U.S. sailors into custody, and committed numerous human rights abuses against Iranian citizens— and it is time to hold them accountable. As the Representative for Minnesota’s Sixth District, it is my job to vote in favor of legislation that will create a safer nation, world, and ensure the safety of the American people—and this week, along with the majority of my colleagues, we did just that.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Are you a college student who is interested in government and politics? If so, then be sure to apply for a fall semester internship in either my Washington D.C. or Otsego, Minnesota office. Your internship will provide you with the unique experience of rubbing shoulders with some of this nation’s leaders, assisting our staff in conducting research on current legislation, as well as attending hearings and briefings. To apply, click here.

District Work Week

The end of this week marked the beginning of my six-week district work period. I am thrilled to be returning to the land of ten thousand lakes to spend more time with the good people of Minnesota. To learn more about my plans for this work period, click here to watch my Ask Tom video.

Thanks again for staying up to date with my work in Minnesota and Washington D.C., and until next week.


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